Oracle8 Error Messages
Release 8.0.4







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1 Using Messages

Locating Message Documentation
Oracle Server
Product Specific
Operating System-Specific
Accuracy of Messages
Message Format
Recognizing Variable Text in Messages
Message Stacks
Calling Customer Support
Oracle Exception Messages
Trace Files
The Alert File

2 ConText Option Messages

ConText Option Error Messages: DRG-10000 to DRG-12100

3 Oracle Trace Messages

EPC-00000 to EPC-00400: Server Messages
EPCW-00000 to EPCW-00999: User Interface Messages
EPCW-01000 to EPCW-01999: User Interface Messages

4 Export Messages

00000-00199: Export Messages

5 Image Data Cartridge Messages

Image Data Cartridge Error Messages: IMG-00001 to IMG-00715

6 Import Messages

00000-00100: Import Messages

7 Names Server Network Management Protocol Messages

Network Management Protocol Error Messages: NMP-00001 to NMP-00011

8 Agent Messages

NMS-00000 to NMS-00050: Agent Configuration and Startup
NMS-00051 to NMS-00075: Agent Logging Messages
NMS-00200 to NMS-00250: Database Subagent
NMS-00250 to NMS-00275: Subagent Logging Messages
NMS-00301 to NMS-00350: Agent Operation Messages
NMS-00351 to NMS-00360: Encryption of Agent Files
NMS-00361 to NMS-00370: Unsolicited Event Executable
NMS-00600 to NMS-00799: Jobs and Events
NMS-00900 to NMS-00999: Agent Logging Messages
NMS-01000 to NMS-01099: Agent Error Messages
NMS-01200 to NMS-01999: Internal Agent Error Messages
NMS-05000 to NMS-05999: Agent Errors of the Console

9 Oracle Names Client Messages

Oracle Names Client and Client/Server Error Messages: NNC-00001 to NNC-00501

10 Native Naming Messages

Native Naming Generic Error Messages: NNF-00001 to NNF-00999
DCE CDS Adapter Error Messages: NNF-01000 to NNF-01999
NIS Adapter Error Messages: NNF-02000 to NNF-02999
BIND/DNS Error Messages: NNF-03000 to NNF-03999
Native Names Conversion Tool Messages: NNF-04000 to NNF-04999

11 Oracle Names Control Messages

Oracle Names Control Utility Error Messages: NNL-00001 to NNL-01073

12 Oracle Names Server Messages

Oracle Names Server Error Messages: NNO-00050 to NNO-00712

13 Names Server Network Presentation Layer Messages

Names Server Network Presentation Layer: NPL-00400 to NPL-00420

14 Object Type Translator Messages

00101-00126: Object Type Translator Initialization Messages
00200-00210: Object Type Translator Unparser Messages
00301-00326 Object Type Translator Type File Messages

15 Server Messages: ORA-00000 to ORA-02350

00000-00100: Oracle Server
00101-00149: Multi-threaded Server
00150-00159: Oracle*XA Messages
00160-00199: Distributed Transaction Messages
00200-00249: Control File Messages
00250-00299: Archiving and Recovery Messages
00300-00369: Redo Log File Messages
00370-00389: KCB Messages
00390-00399: Redo Log File Messages
00400-00420: Oracle Compatibility
00436-00437: Licensing Messages
00440-00460: Detached Process Startup Messages
00470-00485: Detached Process Death Messages
00486-00569: Interrupt Handler Messages
00570-00599: SQL*Connect Opening and Reading Files Messages
00600-00639: Oracle Exceptions Messages
00640-00699: SQL*Connect Messages
00700-00709: Dictionary Cache Messages
00816-00816: Message Translation Messages
00900-00999: SQL Parsing Messages
01000-01099: User Program Interface Messages
01100-01250: Oracle Files Messages
01400-01489: SQL Execution Messages
01490-01499: Miscellaneous, ANALYZE, SQL Parsing, Execution Messages
01500-01699: Oracle Commands Messages
01700-01799: SQL Parsing Messages
01800-01899: The Date Function Messages
01900-02039: SQL Parsing Messages
02040-02099: Distributed Transactions Messages
02100-02139: Precompiler Runtime SQLLIB Messages
02140-02299: SQL Parsing Messages
02300-02350: Object Extensions to SQL Messages

16 Server Messages: ORA-02351 to ORA-29799

02351-02375: SQL*Loader in Direct Path Mode Messages
02376-02399: Oracle Resources Messages
02401-02419: EXPLAIN PLAN Command Messages
02420-02429: Schema Messages
02430-02449: Constraint Enabling & Disabling Messages
02450-02475: Hash Cluster Command Messages
02476-02479: Parallel Direct Loader Messages
02480-02489: Trace Facility Messages
02490-02499: Resizeable Datafile Messages
02500-02699: CTOS Messages
02700-02874: UNIX Two-Task Messages
02875-02899: IBM RS/6000 Messages
03000-03099: Features Not Implemented Messages
03100-03199: Two-Task Interface Messages
03200-03289: Extent Allocation and Other Space Management Messages
03290-03295: TRUNCATE Command Messages
03296-03299: Resizeable Datafiles
03300-03499: Meiko Messages
03500-03699: Macintosh Messages
03700-03999: AOS/VS Messages
04000-04019: Invalid Command Parameter Messages
04020-04029: Library Object Lock Messages
04030-04039: System Memory Messages
04040-04059: Stored Procedure Messages
04060-04069: Stored Procedure Execution Messages
04070-04099: Trigger Messages
06000-06429: SQL*Net Messages
06430-06449: NCR System 3000 Messages
06500-06580: PL/SQL Messages
06581-06591: European OEM Ports Messages
06600-06699: SQL*Net Messages
06700-06899: SQL*Net TLI Messages
06900-06939: CMX Messages
06950-06999: SQL*Net AppleTalk Messages
07000-07099: SQL*Connect for DB2 Messages
07100-07199: SQL*Connect for IMS Messages
07200-07499: UNIX Messages
07500-07999: VAX/VMS Messages
08000-08174: Data Accessing Messages
08175-08190: Discrete Transaction Messages
08200-08399: nCUBE Messages
08401-08499: PL/SQL Utility Packages for Procedural Gateway Messages
08500-08599: Protocol Procedural Gateway for MQ Series Messages
08600-09099: SQL*Connect Messages
09100-09199: Oracle Gateways Messages
09200-09499: DOS, OS/2, and Novell Messages
09500-09699: MPE/XL Messages
09700-09999: UNIX Messages
10000-10999: Internal Messages
11000-11999: Net8 MVS Messages
12000-12099: Table Snapshot Messages
12150-12195: OSN Error Messages
12196-12285: NR (Routing) Error Messages
12196-12285: Listener Error Messages
12530-12629: NS (Session) Error Messages
12630-12699: NA Error Messages
12700-12799: National Language Support Messages
12800-12849: Parallel Query/Index Creation Messages
13000-13199: Spatial Data Option Messages
14000-14119: Partitioned Objects - Parsing Messages
14400-14499: Partitioned Objects - Execution Messages
14500-14999: Partitioned Objects - ANALYZE Messages
16000-16099: Oracle Hot Standby
1950-19998: Server Managed Recovery Messages
19999-21099: Stored Procedure Messages
21100-21299: Internal Messages
21300-22799: Object Interface and Subsystem Messages
21500-21503: Oracle Runtime Environment for Objects (OREO) Internal Messages
21520-21559: KOD/KOFD/KOUD (data) Messages
21600-21699: ORI*/KOI* (interface) Messages
21700-21799: KOC (cache) Messages
22275-22279: KOLL - LOBs
22280-22299: LOBs: DBMS_LOB and KOLF - Generic FILE Manager Messages
22600-22699: KOP* (Pickler)
22800-22849: Object SQL Messages
22850-22879: Object SQL DDL Messages
22880-22899: Object SQL REF/DEREF Support Messages
22900-22919: SQL Nested Tables and Collections Messages
23300-24299: DBMS PL/SQL Package Messages
24000-24099: Administrative Interface for Advanced Query Messages
24270-24279: DBMS_HO Support Package Messages
24280-24299: DBMS_LOB (FILE) Package Messages
24300-24999: UPI/OCI Messages
24800-24999: OCI LOB/FILE-Related Messages
25000-25099: Trigger Messages
25100-25199: Parse Messages
25200-25699: Advanced Query Messages
25350-25375: Transaction OCI Messages
25400-25425: Application Failover Messages
25426-25435: DBLINK Concentration Messages
26000-26099: Direct Path Load Messages
26100-26110: Tablespace-relative DBA Errors
26500-26999: Replication
27000-27299: Unix Messages
27500-27650: IPC Messages
28000-28499: Security-Related Messages
28500-28549: Heterogeneous Services Messages
28575-28599: Untrusted and Distributed External Procedure Messages
28600-28620: Bitmap Indexes
28750-29249: Security Server Messages
29250-29399: DBMS_SQL Messages
29400-29499: Oracle Data Cartridge Messages
29700-29799: Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) Messages

17 PL/SQL and FIPS Messages

PL/SQL Error Messages
01400-01799: FIPS Warnings

18 Precompiler Messages

00001-01600: Oracle Precompiler, Version 1 Messages
00001-00603: Oracle Precompiler: Pro*COBOL Release 2 Messages
00001 - 00099: Command Line (options) Messages
00100 - 00199: File Manipulation Messages
00200 - 00299: Host Variable Messages
00300 - 00399: FIPS Flagging Messages
00400 - 00499: Tokenizer or Parsing Messages
00500 - 00524: Thread Messages
00525 - 00549: Result Set Cursor Messages
00550 - 00574: Miscellaneous Messages
00575 - 00599: PL/SQL (including ARRAYLEN) Messages
00600 - 00624: EXEC TOOLS Messages
02100-02139: Oracle Runtime Library SQL Messages
00250-00300: PCF FIPS Messages

19 SQL*DBA Messages

00001-00199: SQL*DBA Messages
00300-00359: DBA Execution Messages
00360-00369: DBA Describe Execution Messages
00100-00299: LCC Messages

20 SQL*Loader Messages

00100-00199: Command Line Messages
00200-00299: DDL Syntax Messages
00300-00399: DDL Parsing Messages

21 SQL*Module Messages

00000-00100: SQL*Module Messages

22 Recovery Manager Messages

00550-20501: RMAN Errors
05000-05999: KRMR Errors

23 BFILE-Related Messages

00002-01519: Oracle Server BFILE Messages

24 Oracle Video Server Messages

Logger Internal Messages
Connection Service Messages
Video Pump Messages
Upstream Component Messages
Media Server Manager Messages
Stream Service Messages
Boot Image Server Messages
File Server Messages
Media Data Store Messages
Authorization Service Messages

25 Security Manager Messages

VAC-01000 to VAC-07000: Informational Messages

26 Messages and Codes

MDSQL Error Messages: MDSQL-00001 to MDSQL-00003
SDO Error Message: SDO-00000 to SDO-07511
NR Error Messages (TNS-00001 to 00099)
Interchange Error Messages (TNS-00100 to 00499)
NT Error Messages (TNS-00501 to 00999)
Listener Error Messages (TNS-01000 to 02500)
NA Internal Messages (TNS-02501 to 03500)
TNSPING Error Messages (TNS-03500 to 03600)
Trace Route Error Messages (TNS-03601 to 03700)
NFP Error Messages (TNS-04001 to 04200)

27 Storage Manager Messages

VAG-00100 to VAG-05999: Non-critical Error Messages

28 Instance Manager Messages

VAI-01000 to VAI-01399: Non-critical Error Messages

29 Backup and Recovery Manager Messages

VAR-03000 to VAR-03999: Tablespace Backup Error Messages
VAR-08000 to VAR-13012: Other Error Messages

30 Schema Manager Messages

VAS-01000 to VAS-04999: Schema Management Messages

31 Generic Oracle Enterprise Manager Messages

VAX-00000 to VAX 10011: Critical Generic Error Messages
VAX-13100 to VAX 15512: Other Generic Messages

32 Oracle8 Visual Information Retrieval Cartridge Messages

VIR-00000 to VIR 01019: Visual Information Retrieval Error Messages

33 Oracle Performance Manager Messages

VMM-01000 to VMM-01999: Not So Critical Error Messages
VMM-02000 to VMM-02999: Informational Messages

34 Oracle TopSessions Messages

VMS-00000 to VMS-00999: Critical Errors
VMS-01000 to VMS-01999: Not So Critical Errors
VMS-02000 to VMS-02999: Informational Messages

35 Tablespace Manager Messages

VMT-00000 to VMT-00999: Critical Error Messages
VMT-10000 to VMT-10099: Informational Error Messages

36 Console Messages

VOC-00000 to VOC-00099: Critical Error Messages
VOC-00100 to VOC-00199: Non-critical Error Messages
VOC-01000 to VOC-02000: Predefined Events Messages
VOC-04000 to VOC-04999: General Messages
VOC-07000 to VOC-07999: Navigator Messages
VOC-08000 to VOC-08999: Job Scheduling Messages
VOC-10100 to VOC-10200: Map Messages

37 Daemon Messages

VOD-00500 to VOD-00600: Daemon Error Messages
VOD-01401 to VOD-01420: Connection Cache Errors

38 Job System Messages

VOJ-00100 to VOJ-00199: Not So Critical Error Messages

39 Windows NT Messages

Logging Error Messages
Oracle Installer Error Messages
Oracle8 Enterprise Edition Database Error Messages
Windows NT-Specific Oracle Error Messages
File I/O Error Messages: OSD-04000 to OSD-04099
Memory Error Messages: OSD-04100 to OSD-04199
Process Error Messages: OSD-04200 to OSD-04299
Loader Error Messages: OSD-04300 to OSD-04399
Semaphore Error Messages: OSD-04400 to OSD-04499
Miscellaneous Error Messages: OSD-04500 to OSD-04599

40 Oracle Expert Services Messages

XP-07000 to XP-07999: Oracle Expert Error Messages

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