Philosophy 0010/0012: Concepts of Human Nature

Instructor: J. McDowell

Office: CL 1009H (telephone 4-5792)


Office hours: T 10.30-12 and by appointment



Plato, The Republic (Lee translation)

Hobbes, Leviathan

Rousseau, A Discourse on Inequality

The Portable Karl Marx (ed. Kamenka)

Freud, Civilization and its Discontents


Reading assignments:

Click on the date to see a lecture outline. (The links will become active as we progress through the term; in all cases after the date in question.)

Sept. 8 Plato 357a-376c (Lee 43-69)

Sept. 13 Plato 412b-427c, 449a-466d (Lee 118-136, 166-193)

Sept. 15 Plato 427d-445e (Lee 137-164)

Sept. 20 Plato 474b-480, 502c-521b (Lee 203-216, 239-264)

Sept. 22 review Plato readings


Sept. 27 Hobbes chapters VI and XI

Sept. 29 Hobbes chapters X and XIII

Oct. 4 Hobbes chapters XIV and XV

Oct. 6 Hobbes chapter XVII

Oct. 11 review Hobbes readings


Oct. 13 Rousseau pp. 67-87

Oct. 18 Rousseau pp. 87-107

Oct. 20 Rousseau pp. 109-119

Oct. 25 Rousseau pp. 119-end

Oct. 27 review Rousseau readings


Nov. 1 Marx pp. 96-114, 155-161

Nov. 3 Marx pp. 131-152

Nov. 8 Marx: review last assignment, and go on to pp. 375-384, 444-461

Nov. 10 Marx pp. 162-195

Nov. 15 review Marx readings


Nov.17 Freud I and II

Nov. 22 Freud III and IV

Nov. 29 Freud V and VI

Dec. 1 Freud VII and VIII

Dec. 6 review Freud readings


Dec. 8 review everything!


Click here to see the third writing assignment.