NIH R01EB033387 Achieve Fairness in AI-Assisted Mobile Healthcare Apps through Unsupervised Federated Learning

NSF CNS-2122320 Towards Unsupervised Learning on Resource Constrained Edge Devices with Novel Statistical Contrastive Learning Scheme

NSF CNS-2133267 IMPERIAL: In-Memory Processing Enhanced Racetrack Inspired by Accessing Laterally

NSF CNS-2007274 Intermittent and Incremental Inference with Statistical Neural Network for Energy-Harvesting Powered Devices

NSF IIS-2027546 Independent Component Analysis Inspired Statistical Neural Networks for 3D CT Scan Based Edge Screening of COVID-19

Army Research Lab Towards Energy Efficient Phasor Measurement Unit with FPGA

Army Research Lab Prototyping >100 mW Energy Harvesting Powered Sensor

NSF CNS-1738783 Phase I IUCRC University of Pittsburgh: Center for Space, High-performance, and Resilient Computing (SHREC)

NSF OISE-1827009 IRES Track I: International Research Experience for Students on Non-Volatile Processor Based Self-Powered Embedded Systems

NSF CNS-1464429/CNS-1830891 Enabling Efficient Non-Volatile Processors on Energy Harvesting Powered Embedded Systems

NSF CCF-1527506/CCF-1820537 Multi-level Non-volatile FPGA Synthesis to Empower Efficient Self-adaptive System Implementations [Link]