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  Hi I am Khushboo!! I am a Phd Student of Intelligent System Program at University of Pittsburgh. Previously, I was working as research associate at SERC, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I have done my masters from DA-IICT in computer science. I am fortunate to be co-advised by Prof. Daqing He and Prof. Peter Brusilovsky.

My research focuses on building user knowledge models for adaptive and personalized recommendation. Traditionally, user models rely on direct or indirect evidence from users like quiz performance in tutoring systems, item clicks in recommender systems and like reaction on social media sites. However, there are scenarios when these feedback are missing or not enough. This is where I am digging in and trying to use user behaviours likes reading, user reviews and purpose of sharing a post to build user knowledge models. Currently I am working on ovarian cancer forums to build user knowledge model.

I love exploring new possibilities in natural language processing and information retrieval. In my recent exploration I implemented a faceted abstract summarization system. Some of my work includes domain keyphrase extraction and representation.

Recent News:
Aug 2021 Our paper on "Bringing Structure into Summaries: a Faceted Summarization Dataset for Long Scientific Documents" got accepted in ACL 2021 [Eprint] [ code ]
May 2021 Our poster on "Towards building a Recommender System: Analyzing Resource Sharing on an Online Ovarian Cancer Community" got accepted in AMIA 2021 (To be presented in october)
Sep 2020 Our paper on "Knowledge-Driven Wikipedia Article Recommendation for Electronic Textbooks" got accepted in EC-TEL 2020 [Eprint]
Aug 2020 Our journal article on "Automatic Concept Extraction for Domain and Student Modeling in Adaptive Textbooks" got accepted in IJAIED [Eprint]
Jul 2020 A step towards knowledge-level recommendations of medical documents - poster on "Automated categorization of online health documents using Domain Specificity" got accepted in American Medical Informatics Association - AMIA 2020) [poster] [Eprint]
Jun 2020 Our journal article on "Translation and Expansion: Enabling Laypeople Access to the COVID-19 Academic Collection" got accepted in Data and Information Management [Eprint]
May 2020 Our paper on "Recommending Remedial Readings Using Student’s Knowledge state" got accepted in Education Data Mining - EDM 2020 [Eprint] [code] [data ]
May 2020 Started working with NIH project HELPeR
Aug 2019 Received Provost Graduate Fellowship for one year from School of Computing and Information for my work on knowledge modeling
May 2019 Started internship as PhD ML intern at Facebook Search @ Seattle
Apr 2019Our workshop paper on "Student Modeling with Automatic Knowledge Component Extraction for Adaptive Textbooks" got accepted in workshop Intelligent Textbooks @ AIED 2019 [Eprint]
Nov 2019 Our paper on "Comprehensive Factor Model: Modeling student's reading beahviour " got accepted in LAK 2019 [Eprint]
Aug 2018 Our paper on "Concept Enhanced Content Representation For Linking Educational Resources" got accepted in WI 2018 [Eprint]
Jul 2018Implemented student dropout rate predictor @ Simon Initiative LearnLab Summer School @ Carnegie Melon University [slides]
Jun 2018Our paper on "Dynamic Knowledge Modeling with Heterogeneous Activities for Adaptive Textbooks" got accepted in Education Data Mining 2018 [Eprint]
Jan 2018 Started working with NSF Project Open Corpus Personalized Learning as graduate research scholar
Aug 2017 Received Graduate Fellowship from Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
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