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Conference Proceedings:
Bringing Structure into Summaries: a Faceted Summarization Dataset for Long Scientific Documents. [Eprint] [ code ]
[ACL 2021] Meng, R., Thaker, K., Zhang, L., Dong, Y., Yuan, X., Wang, T., & He, D.

Recommending Remedial Readings Using Student Knowledge State. [Eprint] [code] [data ]
[EDM 2020] K. Thaker, L. Zhang, D. He and P. Brusilovsky

One Size Does Not Fit All: Generating and Evaluating Variable Number of Keyphrases. [Eprint]
[ACL 2020] Y. Xingdi, T. Wang, R. Meng, K. Thaker, P. Brusilovsky, D. He, and A. Trischler.

Comprehension Factor Analysis: Modeling student's reading behaviour:
Accounting for reading practice in predicting students' learning in MOOCs.
[LAK 2019] K. Thaker, Paulo Carvalho, and Kenneth Koedinger.

Concept Enhanced Content Representation for Linking Educational Resources. [Eprint]
[WI 2020] K. Thaker, D. He and Brusilovksy.

Dynamic Knowledge Modeling with Heterogeneous Activities for Adaptive Textbooks. [Eprint]
[EDM 2018] K. Thaker, Y. Huang, P. Brusilovksy, and D. He.

SMS Normalization for FAQ Retrieval. [Eprint]
K. Singhal, G. Arora, S. Kumari, and P. Majumder.
Multilingual Information Access in South Asian Languages. 2013.

External & Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection: VSM & Discourse Markers based Approach [Eprint]
[CLEF 2012] Rao, S., P. Gupta, K. Singhal, and P. Majumder. 

Workshop & Poster Paper:
Towards building a Recommender System: Analyzing Resource Sharing on an Online Ovarian Cancer Community .
K. Thaker, S. Birkhoff, V. Huihui, Z. Wang, Y. Lee, P. Brusilovksy, and D. He.
AMIA 2021.
Automated Categorization of Online Health Documents using Domain Specificity. [poster]
K. Thaker, Y. Lee, P. Brusilovksy, and D. He.
AMIA 2020.
Student Modeling with Automatic Knowledge Component Extraction for Adaptive Textbooks. [Eprint]
K. Thaker, P. Brusilovksy and D. He .
In Intelligent Textbooks Workshop AIED 2019
Exploring Resource Sharing behaviors in an Online Ovarian Cancer Community. [pre-print]
K. Thaker, Y. Chi, S. Birkhoff, V. Huihui, L. Rosenbum, Y. Lee, P. Brusilovksy, D. He. and H. Donovan
[Under Review - JMIR Cancer]
Automatic concept extraction for domain and student modeling in adaptive textbooks. [Eprint]
H. Chau, I. Labutov, K. Thaker, D. He and P. Brusilovsky
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education 2021.
Translation and Expansion: Enabling Laypeople Access to the COVID-19 Academic Collection. [Eprint]
D. He, Z. Wang, K. Thaker and N. Zhou.
Technology, Knowledge and Learning 2020.
Knowledge Annotation for Intelligent Textbooks. [Eprint]
M. Wang, H. Chau, K. Thaker, P. Brusilovksy, and D. He.
Technology, Knowledge and Learning 2021.