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Adolescent Sexual Offending/Abuse

Services for Adolescent and Family Enrichment (SAFE)

The SAFE program is a collaborative effort with the Special Services Unit of the Allegheny County Court System. Since 1998, it has been providing therapeutic and probationary services to children adjudicated of a sexual offense and their families.

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Behavior Problems

Resources to Enhance the Adjustment of Children (REACH)

The REACH project is a longitudinal study that recently concluded 10 years of data collection. We are currently in the process of analyzing and disseminating information gathered during the study.

More information about REACH | Selected Publications

Services for Kids in Primary Care (SKIP)

SKIP is an NIMH funded research project studying the benefits of specialized behavioral health services provided directly through a primary care setting. Currently, eight Pittsburgh Pediatrician offices are involved with the study, placing mental health clinicians directly in a physician's practice.

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Child Physical Abuse/Family Conflict

Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT)

AF-CBT is designed to resolve family conflicts concerns about use of physical discipline or actual physical abuse, and challenges related to children's behavior disorders. We host AF-CBT trainings regularly in various locations throughout the country.

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Project Connect

Project Connect is a three phase study designed to understand treatment practices and training needs of community mental health clinicians. The first phase of the project was an observational study reviewing treatment clinicians provide to families. Phase two is a collaboration between the research team and members of participating agencies to develop a treatment and training plan. The third phase of the project will be to implement the new treatment into each participating agency.

Partnerships for Families (PFF) Project

PFF is a collaborative research project wherein we interact with 10 local community agencies to study the efficacy of specialized treatment vs. usual care.

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Services aimed at Fire Education and treatment for youth (SAFETY)

The SAFETY program offers educational and treatment services for children and adolescents involved with fire or firesetting. The program incorporates evidence based assessment and intervention procedures evaluated in our prior comparison studies and clinical trials.

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