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Graduate Students and Postdocs

Current Students and Postdocs

Arielle Woods PhD Student

Nick Weidhaas PhD Student

Darren Larsen PhD University of Colorado. Postdoctoral Fellow

Matthew Finkenbinder PhD 2015 University of Pittsburgh. Postdoctoral Fellow

Past Students and Postdocs

Aubrey Hillman PhD 2015. Byrd Postdoctoral Fellow at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, Ohio State University.

David Pompeani PhD 2015.

Byron Steinman PhD 2011. Assistant Professor Large Lakes Observatory and Department of Geological Sciences, University of Minnesota Duluth

Broxton Bird PhD 2009. Assistant Professor Department of Earth Sciences Indiana, University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Nathan Stansell PhD 2009. Assistant Professor Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Northern Illinois University

Pratigya Polissar PhD University of Massachusetts 2005. Associate Research Professor Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Lesleigh Anderson PhD University of Massachusetts 2005. Research Geologist at the Geoscience and Environmental Change Science Center, United States Geological Survery

Daniel Nelson Masters 2004 - PhD University of Washington 2013. Postdoctoral Researcher Botanical Research Group Universitat Basel
Colin Cooke Postdoc 2014, Masters 2006 - PhD 2010 University of Alberta. Limnologist for the lower Athabasca region for the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Kaitlin Clark Masters 2012. Scientist II CB&I
Brianne Cassidy Masters 2008. Geographer Office of Surface Mining US Department of Interior
Barbara Kutchko Masters 2004 - PhD Carnegie Mellon University 2008. Reseaerch Scientist National Energy Technology Laboraotry US Department of Energy


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