Our research focus in the MBL is the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of tendinopathy, a prevalent tendon disorder that affects millions of people in military, athletic, and occupational settings.

We also focus on the investigation of the role of tendon stem cells (TSCs) in the development of tendinopathy, the repair of tendinopathic tendons using TSCs, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and chemoattractant proteins, and also the development of novel therapeutic options for tendinopathy treatment in clinics.

We apply interdisciplinary approaches to our investigations. Our research team consists of basic scientists and clinicians with interdisciplinary background in tendon mechanobiology, bioengineering, musculoskeletal regenerative medicine, orthopaedic surgery, and ultrasound-guided surgery. Our team also includes research fellows and students with strong academic and clinical background.

Affiliated Departments:
Bioengineering, School of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, School of Engineering
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine