2013 ICMRS Election - James H-C. Wang
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Statement for Election to ICMRS President-Elect

    James H-C. Wang
    April 22th 2013

    I hereby submit my candidacy for the ICMRS President-Elect election. I believe that I have the necessary credentials to lead ICMRS. Below I explain some of my relevant experience and the reasons I am a good fit for the position.

    As a former President of the Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine (SPRBM), I have the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively lead a large organization like ICMRS. In particular, as the Chair of SPRBM for the 2007 SPRBM meeting, I planned and organized the entire meeting agenda; I also secured crucial funding from NIH and other institutional and industrial support for the meeting. The 2007 meeting was considered by attendees to be one of the most successful meetings of SPRBM.

    My enthusiasm about ICMRS is evident from the fact that I have been on the Communication Committee of ICMRS for the past two years. In the capacity of Committee Chair, I oversee the development of the new ICHTS/ICMRS website, correspond regularly with members, and ensure the success of the society's overall outreach. I also work closely with the current President of ICMRS and extended my full support for the transformation of ICHTS to ICMRS.

    I have actively participated in the various activities of ICHTS, including attendance in annual meetings, including the Eastern Forum Meeting (2008, Shanghai), International Symposium of Bone and Joint (2009, Taiwan), Orthopaedic Biomechanics Workshop (2010, Shanghai), and more recently the ICHTS Musculoskeletal Summit Workshop (2012, Minneapolis). Finally, I will join the inaugural ICMRS Conference at Suzhou this May.

    I have gained a deep understanding of ICMRS interests through my frequent communication with the society's leaders, particularly the current President Dr. Ed Guo and previous presidents/society officers Dr. Yi-Xian Qin, Dr. Ling Qin (HK), Dr. Ling Qin, and Dr. Xiaodu Wang, regarding the promotion of ICMRS in the United States and China. Maintaining a close, cordial working relationship with society leaders is particularly important for the health and growth of a relative young society like ICMRS.

    Lastly, as a Chinese native who spent nearly 30 years in China, I have a strong desire to promote further research, education, and advancement of musculoskeletal biology, biomechanics and medicine within the global Chinese community. I also have a broad academic background, including experience with mechanical engineering, orthopaedic biomechanics, tissue engineering, and mechanobiology, which will allow me to effectively communicate with ICMRS members from diverse scholastic backgrounds.

    In closing, I am highly motivated to promote the goals of ICMRS and help it grow as a globally successful society. My ability to be both a leader and a team-player will enable me to achieve these goals. Specifically, if I gain the privilege of being the ICMRS President-Elect, I will strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Continue the efforts of past and present presidents to enable ICMRS to be a prominent world-wide organization in the area of musculoskeletal research.

  • Pursue effective strategies (industrial support, institutional support, and personal donations, etc.) to increase revenue for the long-term healthy development of the society.

  • As a life-member of ICMRS, I will continue to serve ICMRS by promoting its continuing growth and expansion with knowledge, experience, dedication, and passion.