Intermediate Macroeconomics

Power Point slides

For my freshman class, so not as detailed algebraically, but with a useful summary of concepts and graphs.

Economic Growth

Money and the macroeconomy

Macroeconomic pages

Articles and Working Papers

Macroeconomic Data

  • Detailed Data Page


  • Fairmodel Ray Fair's Macroeconomic model.

  • Tom McGahagan's Forecasting links -- use for XLispStat software

  • Business Conditions Indicators Software to manage macro data.
  • Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau (UK)
  • Centre for Economic Forecasting London Business School
  • Small UK Model from Sheffield University, UK

  • Ed Yardeni Page includes forecasts, often interesting macro graphs.
  • Credit Lyonnais
  • Morgan Stanley's Global Economic Forecast

    Monetary Policy

    Fiscal Policy

    International Macroeconomics

    Academic Institutions and Think Tanks