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international partnerships

&HPS Conferences in Integrated History and Philosophy of Science
&HPS is an international collaborative program of conferences devoted to integrated history and philosophy of science.
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On 16 January 1990, Chancellor Wesley Posvar and Rektor Horst Sund signed an agreement of cooperation enabling the University of Pittsburgh to enter into an archival collaboration with the University of Konstanz in Germany. The Center was joined by Konstanz's Zentrum Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie in cosponsoring the biennial Pittsburgh-Konstanz Colloquium in Philosophy of Science, which held its first meeting in 1991. A new series of volumes, The Pittsburgh-Konstanz Series in Philosophy and History of Science, published jointly by the University of Pittsburgh Press and the University of Konstanz, was launched. The holdings of the Archives continued to expand as well, with the addition of the Wilfrid Sellars Collection in 1991. Read more here.

In 1994, the Center reached another international milestone when then Chancellor Dennis O'Connor signed Agreements of Cooperation with Rektor Petro Gemtos (University of Athens) and Rektor Nikolaos Markatos (National Technical University of Athens). The agreement stipulated that, every two years, an international Athens-Pittsburgh Symposium in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology would be cosponsored by the three institutions. In recognition of Greece as the birthplace of philosophy, the symposia are always held in Greece. Read more here.

International Fellowship
Every four years the Center sponsors an International Fellows Conference for current and former Center fellows, both visiting and resident. The site of each Fellows Conference is determined by the Fellowship itself. Fellows are encouraged to develop proposals for hosting the conferences in their home countries. As part of the agreement, the host country funds all expenses incurred at the conference site. Read more here.

An international Agreement of Cooperation between Universidade Da Caruña and the University of Pittsburgh was signed in 2003. The Center helped support a workshop on "Evolucionismo: Enfoques Actuales" in March of 2005.

The international Agreement of Cooperation, with the University of Catania, was signed in 2004. The first jointly sponsored event was held in May of 2005, a workshop entitled "Il concetto di funzione in biologia e nel linguaggio."

Pitt-Tsinghua Summer School for Philosophy of Science
In 2007, the Center and Tsinghua University entered into a formal agreement whereby a philosopher of science from the University of Pittsburgh visits Tsinghua University for a week each summer to give a series of lectures. Read more here.

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