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Pitt-Tsinghua Summer School for Philosophy of Science

Institute of Science Technology and Society, Tsinghua University • Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh


In 2007, the Center and Tsinghua University entered into a formal agreement whereby a philosopher of science from the University of Pittsburgh visits Tsinghua University for a week each summer to give a series of lectures. Thus far, the following faculty members have participated in the lecture series, presenting talks on the following subjects (click bold for syllabi and photos):

2008     Sandra Mitchell, Philosophy of Biology
2009     Merrilee Salmon, Philosophy of Social Science
2010     Clark Glymour, Philosophy of Computation and Causation
2011     John Norton, Philosophy of Physics
2012     Edouard Machery, Empirical and Experimental Philosophy
2013     Edouard Machery, Epistemology of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience
2014     Kevin Zollman (CMU), Introduction to Social Epistemology

2015     Chuang Liu, Foundational Issues in Quantum Physics
2016     Wayne Wu (CMU), Interfacing the Mind and Brain
2017     Sandra Mitchell, Epistemological Issues in Scientific Experiment
2018     J. Dmitri Gallow, Causality
2019     Serife Tekin, Naturalistic Approaches to the Self


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