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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department

Reactor and Process Engineering Laboratory (RAPEL)


813 Benedum Hall
Swanson School of Engineering
Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Benedum Hall
3700 O’Hara Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Phone: 412-624-4243
Fax: 412-624-9639



Abdulbaset Alzhrani

Graduate Student





Rui Wang

Graduate Student



List of Alumni, by last name:

Alghamdi, Abdul Karim Ali MS in 2001
Abdrakhimova, Dinara MS in 2015
Arias, Fabiana MS in 2016
Ashkanani, Husain E. PhD in 2021
Badgujar, M. M. MS in 1985
Banerjee, Sudesna MS in 2020
Basha, Omar M. PhD in 2016
Behkish, Arsam PhD in 2004
Chang, Min-Yan MS in 1986 and PhD in 1991
Ciocco, Michael V. PhD in 1992
Devine, W. D. III MS in 1984
Dridi, B. MS in 1992
Eiras, J. G. MS in 1990
Enick, Robert M. PhD in 1985
Fillion, Benoit T. PhD in 2001
Grover, R MS in 1988
Haq, Syed Z. PhD in 1996
Heintz, Yannick J. PhD in 2011
Inga, Juan R. PhD in 1997
Karandikar, Bhalchandra M. PhD in 1986
Kher, R. B. MS in 2018
Kim, S. S. PhD in 1993
Koneripalli, N. N. MS in 1992
Kositchaiwat, Gun MS in 2013
Lemoine, Romain O. PhD in 2005
Li, Jianjun PhD in 1995
Li, Yongtai MS in 2016
Liaw, S. J. MS in 1987
Mangone, D. J. MS in 1985
Martinez, Benito MS in 2000
Mizan, T. MS in 1992
Mohammad, Atta PhD in 1999
Mohammed, A. MS in 1993
Morreale, Bryan D. MS in 2001
Obi, D. MS in 1987
Padyen, S. MS in 1993
Rakymkul, Yeldos MS in 2011
Rosa, Pedro MS in 2016
Sanoja, Mariela PhD in 2012
Santos, Gustavo MS in 2016
Sehabiague, Laurent PhD in 2012
Soriano, Jean-Philippe MS in 2005
Sun, L. MS in 1987
Sutryn, D. MS in 1989
Tekie, Zeru B. MS in 1993 and PhD in 1997
Wang, Rui.

MS in 2019