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Disaster Nursing Supercourse

     We are building a Nursing Supercourse, and we would like you to join. Our goal is to join nurses world wide for global health and prevention. Nurses form the backbone of any health care system. It is time to act globally and unite in promoting global health and prevention. This is going to be established by building the Nursing Supercourse. The Supercourse represents a network of over 65,000 academic faculty interested in global health and prevention. We collect the best PowerPoint lectures on prevention from the network and share these will millions world
wide. In that past few months we saw the need to develop something similar but for Nursing Academic Faculty. Our first step in this one thousand mile journey has been accomplished by building the 

Disaster Nursing golden lecture     in Arabic   in Spanish     Short version   in Spanish

New lectures

 Caring for Vulnerable Populations in the Community During a Disaster

Nursing Education Supercourse: Implications for Nursing Practice and Research Around the World

     We started with disaster because Nursing schools offer little training in disasters, and we aim to change this. We the nurses are the largest group of health professionally.  It is time for us to work together to improve training about disasters and global health. We would like all nursing students to be taught by you and your friends about disasters, using the Nursing Supercourse Slides and Lectures. We are building with you a Global Nursing Network and Supercourse. Within 5 years we hope to at least double the training that nursing students in areas such as but not limited to disasters. The world is a small village. Borders can never deter us from uniting for good whether we were in Middle East, Africa, America or in any part of the world. The World population is about 7.6 billion; a huge number but it starts with 1. We are very much interested in having you and your colleagues share with us your expertise and join our network.

    Supercourse Disaster Preparedness lectures recommended by

Khlood F. Salman, BSN, MSN, Dr. PH, School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh

Lecture title


Quality/ Fit to be a nursing lecture

Epidemiology of Disasters -part I-  -part II-

Thomas J. Songer

V. good/ includes def. of disaster, and linked disaster with health

TSUNAMI  (In Arabic)   (In Telugu)   (in Spanish) 

Ali Ardalan

V. good contents related to Tsunami development, def. impact, etc.


Elisaveta Stikova

Good (includes good learning objectives and some guidelines  to establish a disaster course)



Scott R. Lillibridge

V. good/ include  storm shelter, public health impact, cause of death among Tornadoes victims, public education, injuries, and infectious diseases

Public Health Response to Terrorism -Preparedness-  in Chinese

J. David Piposzar

Good/ def. terrorism, domestic preparedness, impact of a disaster, etc. (includes some undefined acronyms)

Pakistani Earthquake. 8 October 2005     (Spanish version)

Ali Ardalan

Good/ Slide # 28 is good (presented health needs and concerns. Also Epid. of fear)

Pandemic Preparedness -Risk assessment and infection control in health care settings-

Elisaveta Stikova

V. good/ most appropriate slides 35, 36, 37

Revelation of 5.12 Quake, Sichuan, China. Part I. Background of Earthquake   Part2. Prevention   Part3. During the Quake   Part 4a. Short-term response after the quake     Part 4b. Short-term response after the quake   Part 5. Post-disaster problems that require long-term concern

Supercourse China

Good/few slides related to disaster response to earthquake can be applied to nursing

Disaster Epidemiologic lessons from Bam Earthquake Dec 26, 2003 Iran. Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V   Part VI   Part VII

Ali Ardalan

Contents and pictures are very good/ country specific focused on Bam city

Research as basic tool in the professionalization of Nurses in Spanish

The Perspective of research for nurses in drugs consumption in Spanish

Supercourse Lectures Related to Disaster Nurse Supercourse   

          Disasters Supercourse     Toxicologic Epidemiology Set of Lectures     Veterinary Virology Set of Lectures   

     We would like to send you a welcoming gift, a DVD from the Library of Alexandria. The DVD has 3611 lectures on global health and prevention by Nobel Prize winners, former Directors of the NIH and CDC, Ala Al’wan the Assistant director journal of the WHO and others. We want to have all nursing faculty to be aware of the Disaster Nursing Supercourse, and are looking for people who might be interested in telling and recruiting the nursing faculty in your country. We would very much appreciate your thoughts.

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     There are 28 million nurses in the world, but with little networking and connection to disaster relief organizations. We plan to change this. We have developed a golden lecture of Nursing which is designed to provide initial training about disasters to Nursing faculty and students.  We also are developing a set of lectures that can be included in any nursing curricula about nursing. What is most important is that we have about 40 nurses world wide who are our “champions” who will work with us to spread the word about the Nursing Supercourse. Please tell your friends in nursing about this, as we want to build this program over the course of the next year.  You can find out more about this from We have wonderful collaborators including Richard Garfield a WHO Collaborating center director and Najeeb Shorbaji from WHO Geneva. We will be contacting those in the Supercourse separately who are identified from Nursing Schools.