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The length of the sides of the square - 227 meters.

Discovered in 2008.

Site location and characteristics of the structure correspond to the description "Ancient settlement" made by the traveler, geographer and ethnographer Nikolai Rychkov in 1771.  the footsteps of Captain Nikolai Rychkov

"The next morning going our way, we came to some old towns, lengthy fortified walls and moats. This city is made on the similarity of the quadrangular castle, with all sides equal space shafts. On the east side there is still visible earthen gate, opened the free way in this strengthening. Seed which fell trees, and ditches the old depths of his deprived, according to the antiquity of this place: but note worthy ruins inside or in the trees to be seen, except for the tile and stone pain in Gradskij places.

Captain N.P. Rychkov 1771.

Total found and recorded in the project database Turgay discovery 2 buildings.