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Despite the fact that the study of burial mounds with "mustache" and attempts to explain their function have been started in 30-ies of XX century in Central Kazakhstan, today there is no single answer to the question of ethno-cultural belonging and dating of these structures. Some researchers believe that the mounds with "whiskers" are related to Tasmolinskoy archaeological culture and date back According to MK Kadyrbaeva from the middle of the first millennium BC until the middle of the first millennium BC

Others come to the conclusion that the complex of mounds with "mustache" is not related to the culture of Central Kazakhstan tasmolinskoy and monuments belong to the Middle Ages within the V-VIII centuries This perezentatsii mounds with "whiskers" are regarded as geoglyphs accordance with the relevant criteria of the definition.

Total found and recorded in the project database Turgay discovery mound 91 with "mustache".