Wei Chen

Wei Chen

Professor of Pediatrics

University of Pittsburgh

Principal Investigator

My lab focuses on developing statistical and computational methods for the analysis of large-scale biomedical data and applying them to study complex diseases. Collaborating with our colleagues, we use cutting-edge technologies including DNA-seq, RNA-seq, methylation, ATAC-seq and single cell sequencing to study human diseases such as childhood asthma and age-related macular degeneration. Chen lab welcomes collaborators and trainees to move science forward. Our lab is generously supported by National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, University of Pittsburgh and UPMC.

Recent News

  • 1/2023 Wei Chen was elected as American Thoracic Society Fellow (ATS)
  • 10/2022 Zhongli received semi-finalist for Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards at ASHG
  • 8/2022 Chen Lab received NSF (2225775) with Dr. Heng Huang to develop statistical and machine learning methods for single-cell multi-omics data
  • 7/2022 Chen Lab received NIH R01 (R01EB034116) with Dr. Heng Huang to develop advanced machine learning methods for ocular data
  • 7/2022 Zhongli has two paper published in Genome Biology and iScience
  • 5/2022 Chen Lab received P01 renewal of Bioinformatics Core to study Severe Asthma with Drs. Ray and Wenzel

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