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Writers' Café

The Writers' Café is an on-campus writing and meeting space housed in the Writing Center.  The Café meets during Fall and Spring Terms. Students who are writing majors or just deeply interested in writing are invited to come to the Writers' Café to share their creative work and interests with other Pittsburgh area writers.  They can bring poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and uncategorizable hybrids. If you would like to help facilitate a session, contact Writers' Café Coordinator Ellen Smith at ems9@earthlink.net.

The list of facilitators will be posted on the WCafe site at the beginning of Fall and Spring terms.

Refer students to the Writers' Café website: www.pitt.edu/~wcafe.


If you have any questions about the Café, please contact
Ellen Smith via e-mail or (412) 624-6556

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