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Professional Development

Developing New Abilities

The online tutoring page documents our most recent attempt to tutor online.

Pedagogy and Professional Development Conferences

Our peer tutors regularly present at conferences, often with faculty tutors joining them.

In October 2003, a number of consultants and peer tutors attended the combined conferences of the IWCA and the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. Several of us presented. Most of the attendees also visited two panels and wrote brief reports.

Lois Williams attended the 2002 International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) conference. You can read her report on the conference.


We have a small, but growing, library of books on practical and theoretical aspects of writing center work. Many books may be checked out for two weeks.

The Writing Centers Research Project gathers information about writing centers.

Bedford/St.Martin's has put together an extensive bibliography on composition theory, including a section on writing centers:

The International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) offers a wealth of resources, including access to writing center-oriented distribution lists, archives, journals, and on-line materials.

CompPile is an online inventory of research in composition. You can search the database and get references, but you will then need to access the texts via the library or the Instant Virtual Extranet. Be patient as you try search terms and keep them simple (for example, center and ______ ).

WCENTER is a listserv for Writing Center staff and administrators. You may also subscribe to the listserv. If you joing, you can then read and search archived postings.

The WAC Clearinghouse assembles a range of materials (including several publications on the teaching of writing) to support writing across the curriculum.


We can access electronic journals through Pittcat. Log on to the Instant Virtual Extranet (using your Pitt username and password), then click a link. (The Instant Virtual Extranet link will open in a new window so that you can easily come back to this page and click the link you want.)

Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy


Composition Studies

Computers and Composition

Unfortunately, NCTE does not permit electronic access to the last three years of their journals. But you can access older issues:

College Composition and Communication

College English

You can access this journal in hard copy on the 4th floor of Hillman. The journal also offers free access to its archives (except for the last three issues):

JAC (formerly the Journal for Advanced Composition)

Archived issues of The Writing Lab Newsletter are available on-line. We have some back issues in the bookcases.

Indexes and some archived issues of the Writing Center Journal are also available on-line. We have a few back issues in the bookcases. Ask Sandy for the current issue.

The Dangling Modifier is a peer-tutor produced newsletter, now available on-line.

Praxis, a new on-line writing center journal, has recently been launched.

Teaching Portfolios

Below you'll find some sites that offer guidelines and examples for creating teaching portfolios:

Washington State University

Peter Seldin's books, The Teaching Portfolio and The Academic Portfolio.

Penn State's Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence

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