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This site is designed to support the work of consultants in the University of Pittsburgh Writing Center.


Professional Development Events

When we have events for faculty and undergraduate consultants, they will be on Wednesdays from 9:30-11:00.

August 29: Meeting for new consultants only.

September 5: Professional development event for everyone (including undergraduate peer tutors and interns): We'll discuss our professional development events for the term, as well as plans for the newsletter/social media committee and the ESL committee.

October 10: Professional development event for everyone (including undergraduate peer tutors and interns): Tamar Bernfeld will lead us through a hard-core grammar presentation on modals.

November 14: Professional development event for everyone (including undergraduate peer tutors and interns): We will facilitate a discussion/workshop specifically about disabilities as they relate to our work in the Writing Center. (The second in a series on diversity and the Writing Center.) Ellen Smith is facilitating this conversation. Guests will include Ashi Molinaro, who teaches Disability Studies for SHRS; Bobby Qumar, vice-president of Students for Disability Advocacy at Pitt; Tom Aspell; and Pitt post-bacc student Jeff Lukascena.

December 5: topic TBA



Monday, December 10 at 1:00--End-of-term meeting for faculty consultants only. Please make sure that you have read all student work and completed paperwork before the meeting (the Writing Center will be open that morning if you wish to come in and read). The purpose of the meeting is to collect paperwork. We will also have a discussion at this meeting to determine professional development events for spring term.



To browse upcoming conferences, visit writingcenters.org/2011/05/2011-2012-conference-calendar/

The conferences near us are the East Central Writing Centers Association and the Mid AtlanticWriting Centers Association. Sometimes the IWCA/NCPTW is close enough to drive to.



You can access our online scheduling and record-keeping system here: rich36.com/pitt

You can download the error log form in MSWord or PDF form.

The Writing Centers Research Project has a new home: casebuilder.rhet.ualr.edu/wcrp/

Visit the APA Style Blog for help with the new manual: blog.apastyle.org

You can now download our Writing Center Consultant Handbook. An update will be released soon.

PeerCentered is now offering a series of podcasts.

The English Department has a great page on plagiarism.

The IWCA has launched a website. They have also started a discussion board (including a peer tutoring forum). Please visit and post if you are inclined.

An on-line writing center journal has recently been launched: Praxis.

The Writing Center is playing a role in the Writing in Engineering initiative and the certificate in Public and Professional Writing.


Articles We Have Read Recently

"Looking at the Whole Text."

"Creating Theory: Moving Tutors to the Center."

"Directed Self-Placement: An Attitude of Orientation."

"The Banking Concept of Education"



If you have any questions, please contact
Geeta Kothari, Director
Jean Grace, Associate Director
Beth Newborg, Outreach Director
Ellen Smith and Barbara Edelman, Writers' Café Coordinators

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