Foster Chronology from 1800



  • ca: circa
  • nd: no date
  • CE = Steven Saunders and Deane L. Root, The Music of Stephen C. Foster: A Critical Edition (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1990)
  • EFM = Evelyn Foster Morneweck, Chronicles of Stephen Foster's Family (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh, 1944)
  • JTH = John Tasker Howard, Stephen Foster: America's Troubadour, 2nd edn. (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1954)
  • WA = William W. Austin, "Susanna," "Jeanie," and "The Old Folks at Home": The Songs of Stephen C. Foster from His Time to Ours, 2nd edn. (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1987)



Nov. 14 William Barclay Foster and Eliza Clayland Tomlinson Foster married, Chambersburg, PA; leave for Pittsburgh (EFM 6). Eliza's family settled on Eastern shore of Maryland, and "The ladies were distinguished in Baltimore society for their musical and artistic ability." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 12)

Nov. 28 William Barclay Foster and Eliza Clayland Tomlinson Foster arrive on horseback in Pittsburgh (EFM 6) (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 15)


Dec. 14 Charlotte Susanna Foster born (EFM 14)



Jan. 12 Ann Eliza Foster born (EFM 14)



Apr. 5 W. B. Foster purchases 121-acre farm from Alexander Hill for $35,000, builds "white cottage" on Bullitt's Hill (EFM 10), on the Philadelphia-Greensburg Pike (later Penn Avenue) (EFM 630f). First recorded map is dated Dec. 10, 1814, probably drawn by Rev. John Taylor (EFM 631f). Site is "two and one-half miles above Pittsburgh," the same site where George Washington nearly froze the night of Dec.28, 1753 (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 19) (JTH 6)

Apr.7 W.B. Foster's father, James, dies at daughter's home in Poland, Ohio (JTH 4)

Apr. 18 W.B. Foster appointed Deputy Commissioner of Purchases (JTH 8). Title was Quartermaster and Commissary of the U.S. Army (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 17)

Apr. 29 W.B. Foster sells U.S. government 30 acres for an arsenal, for $12,000 (EFM 20) (JTH 7 says April 9)

Dec.15 W.B. Foster dispatched steamboat "Enterprise" from Pittsburgh to New Orleans, commanded by Capt. Henry M. Shreve (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 17f) (JTH 8)


Jan.5 "Enterprise" reaches New Orleans (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 18)


Jan.8 Battle of New Orleans (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 18)

Feb. 18 War Department instructed Treasury Department to transmit W. B. Foster $21,308.08 (JTH 8)

Apr.30 W. B. Foster files claim for $2,704.90 more. (JTH 8)

Nd W. B. Foster becomes manager of a turnpike transportation company that operated stage-coaches and Conestoga wagons between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia (JTH 9-10)


Nd This year or next Foster family moves into "White Cottage" (JTH 7)


Mar. 23 Henry Baldwin Foster first of Foster children born at White Cottage (EFM 14). He later recalls his boyhood there driving cows to pasture and minding the pigs (EFM 497)

nd President Monroe inspects the Arsenal with W.B. Foster (EFM 28)


Oct. William Evens opens music school in his plane-shop in Pittsburgh (EFM 29)


nd Foster family has a piano by this time (EFM 40)

nd W. B. Foster ceases managing the turnpike transportation company (JTH 9-10) (see his letter, Dec. 7, 1834)

Sep. 14 Henrietta Angelica Foster born (EFM 14); also Tom Hunter born at White Cottage, bound boy the son of a servant at the White Cottage and a soldier at Arsenal, lived with Fosters until 1834 (EFM 48)



Feb. 20 Hamilton Lodge No. 173, Masons, constituted in Lawrenceville, with W.B. Foster as treasurer (EFM 22f)



Jan. 26 Dunning McNair Foster born (EFM 14)

nd W.B. Foster appointed by Governor

Heister as register and recorder of Allegheny County (a post he held three years) (EFM 9)


June 10 Morrison Foster born (EFM 14)

Nd Hearing in U.S. Court at Pittsburgh, Judge Walker and jury, concerning W.B. Foster's case against the government. (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 18f) (JTH 8-9): Foster received only $1,107.89 of his claim, leaving him $1,597.01 unpaid.


nd Dr. Andrew Nathan McDowell married Jane Denny Porter of Chambersburg, a friend of Charlotte Susanna Foster (EFM 349)



nd Foster family are now without a piano (EFM 40)

Sep. 25 Henrietta and Morrison baptized at Trinity Church (EFM 28)

Nov. W.B. Foster elected as Federalist to Pennsylvania Legislature or Assembly as representative from Allegheny and Butler counties (served 3 years) (EFM 9). Purpose was to procure passage of bills for construction of the Pennsylvania Canal (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 22)


May 6 Bank of the United States forecloses the mortgage on all W.B. Foster's property designated as the 'southern half' of the borough of Lawrenceville; Fosters continue to rent the "White Cottage" from the bank (EFM 37f) (EFM 630) (JTH 7 says May 26)

Apr. 19 Nathan S. Roberts begins surveying for line of the Pennsylvania canal in Pittsburgh, takes Wm. Foster Jr. to learn to be an engineer (EFM 39)

July 4 Stephen Collins Foster born, shortly after half-past twelve (EFM 14, 46); cannon salute from Arsenal at noon, and then band played the national hymn (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 22)

Aug. 16 Wm. B. Foster's cousin writes from Cincinnati about the Blairsville-Pittsburgh canal (JTH 12-13)


Apr. 22 Stephen Foster baptized at Trinity Episcopal Church (EFM 46)

Summer Stephen "very ill with summer complaint" and later had whooping cough two times by age 7, again age 10 (EFM 46)

Sept. 6 White Cottage property sold to Malcolm Leech for $6,000. Soon thereafter, Fosters moved to a house on Water Street, Pittsburgh (EFM 630), "not later than 1829" (EFM 631)


spring Wm. B. Foster still in Harrisburg in Pennsylvania Assembly (EFM 48)

May Charlotte leaves on the Waverley to visit Cincinnati and Louisville (EFM 54)

summer Brother William, in Kiskiminetas working on survey for Pennsylvania canal, purchases a piano for the Foster family (EFM 41, 48, 59)

summer Foster family has moved from White Cottage to a house on Water Street (EFM 68)

June 26 Wm. B. Foster to Charlotte in Louisville concerning the political campaign (JTH 12)

Aug. 10 Wm. B. Foster appointed collector of tolls for Pittsburgh-Blairsville Canal, still under construction (EFM 68)

Sept. 7 Wm. B. Foster to Charlotte in Kentucky concerning the political campaign (JTH 12)

Sep.-Oct. Charlotte in Bardstown, KY (EFM 60-66)

Nov. Charlotte returns to Pittsburgh on the Waverley (EFM 66)

nd Wm. Foster Jr. initiated into Masons, later became secretary of the lodge (EFM 23)


nd Stephen lays Ann Eliza's guitar on the floor and picks out harmonies (EFM 81). "Sister Ann Eliza had a number of musical instruments, among the rest a guitar. When he was two years old he would lay this guitar on the floor and pick out harmonies from its strings. He call it his 'ittly pizani' (little piano)." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 31)


Feb. 3 James Clayland Foster born (EFM 14)

ca. Feb. Charlotte and Ann Eliza go to Louisville (EFM 68)

June Ann Eliza make visits Bardstown (EFM 68f)

June 21 Canal water reaches Allegheny (EFM 69). Wm. B. Foster, who is to be collector of tolls, writes to Charlotte (JTH 13)

July Charlotte visits Bardstown (EFM 70)

Aug Ann Eliza returns to Pittsburgh (EFM 69)

Oct 20 Charlotte dies in Louisville (EFM 72)


May 19 Baby "Little Jim" dies (EFM 14)

nd W.C. Peters (in Pittsburgh area since ca. 1823, gives music lessons to Foster girls) leaves for Louisville (WA 24; see conflicting information in EFM 81f)

nd When Stephen was "about five years old" "He was sent, along with the rest of us, to an infant school taught by Mrs. Harvey, and elderly lady, and her daughter, Mrs. Morgan" to learn the alphabet (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 24)


nd Henry Kleber and father arrive in Pittsburgh  from Darmstadt, Germany (WA 22)


Feb Great flood on Allegheny river; Henry and Dunning rescue dog and dog house from the water (EFM 86-87)

spring-Oct Mrs. Foster, Henrietta, Morrison, Stephen lodge in Harmony PA in Butler county (EFM 77)

May 14 Mrs. Foster writes to Wm. Jr. about "Stevan who has a drum and marches about...whistling old lang syne....There is something perfectly original about him." (EFM 80-81)

June 17 Wm. B. Foster to Wm. Jr. that "the water is expected to be in the canal in about ten days, when I must take my post at the office." (JTH 13)

Aug. 7 Canal now functioning, and Wm. B. Foster writes to son Wm. Jr. about it and Jackson's veto of the National Bank (JTH 14)

Summer Wm. B. Foster still working with Pittsburgh and Blairsville Canal (EFM 84)

Oct. Foster's new house ready to occupy in Allegheny, near Federal Street bridge (EFM 79, 86)


Feb.? Wm. B. Foster signs the temperance pledge (EFM 76). His letter to Wm. Jr. Feb. 8 says he signed it "some time before I left home" [for Harrisburg?] (JTH 15f)

Apr. 9 Ann Eliza Foster marries Edward Buchanan in Christ Church, Allegheny (WA 94, EFM 89)

ca. May 18 Mrs. Foster leaves to visit her half-brothers John and Joseph Tomlinson, Jr., for three weeks (ca. May 20-June 10) at Augusta, KY, with Henrietta and Stephen (EFM 5)

June Mrs. Foster, Henrietta and Stephen spend one week in Cincinnati (ca. June 10-17) and visit Dr. N.B. Marshall and family (daughter is Sophie Marshall); one week

(ca. June 18-25) in Louisville; depart for Pittsburgh ca. June 25 (EFM 91). Morrison says "While in Cincinnati [in late 1840s] he met Miss Sophie Marshall, the grand-daughter of Michael P. Cassilly of that city, a former Pittsburgher...[who] possessed a beautiful soprano voice and sang with much sweetness and taste...." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen," 41).

Summer, fall Dunning working at Mr. Hogan's bookstore in Pittsburgh after school (EFM 96)

July 2 Mrs. Foster and sons arrive in Pittsburgh from Kentucky (EFM 91)

Oct. 5 Wm. B. Foster involved in election campaign against "anties" (anti-masonry) and the Bank of the United States (EFM 95)

Oct. 27 Henrietta reports to Wm. Jr. that Stephen's eye had been bitten by a spider and was very swollen, but is getting better. (EFM 96)

nd Stephen and mother in Smith & Mellor's Music Store (where W.C. Peters is a partner), he plays flageolet (EFM 81). "At the age of seven years he accidentally took up a flageolet in the music store of Smith & Mellor, in Pittsburgh, and in a few minutes he had so mastered its stops and sounds that he played Hail Columbia in perfect time and accent. He had never before handled either a flageolet or flute." Not long after he learned "unaided" the flute. Later learned to play piano "remarkably well" (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 31).


Feb. Wm. B. Foster in Harrisburg trying to get paid by Canal Commission; Wm. Jr. in Kentucky doing engineering work (EFM 96f)

March Wm. B. Foster resigns canal position

May 2 Foster family moves to house on Bank Lane, ca. quarter mile downstream from Allegheny (EFM 97f)

May 3 James Buchanan born, son of Ann Eliza and Edward Buchanan, in Foster's house near Allegheny (EFM 98)

May Stephen and Morrison attending school of Rev. Joseph Stockton, called Allegheny Academy, in Allegheny, with John Kelly as assistant (EFM 100f). W.B. Foster (Sr.) had known Stockton at Meadville, PA, and induced him to come to Allegheny where he was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Allegheny and principal of Allegheny Academy. Stockton taught classics, grammar, mathematics; John Kelly (from Dublin) was his assistant and disciplinarian; Mr. Caldwell taught elocution; Mr. Egerton taught penmanship (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 23f). After death of Rev. Stockton (nd), Kelly continued the school; Murray's "English Reader", Walker's dictionary, Hutton's Mathematics and the Western Calculator were the standard texts (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 26)

July Mrs. Collins presents Mrs. Foster with "coloured girl, with upwards of three years to serve" named Kitty (EFM 103)

Nov. Edward Buchanan goes to Philadelphia (to cure consumption, receive operation) (EFM 98)

ca. Dec. 1 Foster family move to house near Allegheny Bridge in Allegheny (EFM 106)

Dec. 7 W. B. Foster letter to William, Jr., explains the situation with the turnpike transportation company he once managed (JTH 10-11)

nd Last of Thomas Moore's volumes of Irish Melodies appears (1808-34) (WA 131)


Jan. Ann Eliza and son James Buchanan leave to join Edward Buchanan in Mercersburg (EFM 107)

Jan. Henry Foster employed at Hutchinson & Ledlie's warehouse (EFM 108)

Jan Wm. B. Foster sells lots from his remaining holdings in Lawrenceville (EFM 110)

Jan Edward Buchanan takes positions in Lancaster and Chester counties (EFM 113)

nd Henrietta teaches Stephen to play chords on the guitar (EFM 110)

nd SCF and friends perform "Ethiopian songs" in Foster family carriage house (WA 7), including Andy Robinson (WA 164) (EFM 110). "When he was nine years old a thespian company was formed, composed of boys of neighbor families," earning enough to attend the Pittsburgh Theatre on Saturday nights (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 25)

May Wm. Jr. becomes assistant engineer with Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal, at Youngstown (EFM 108f; p. 112 says June or July)

Fall Wm. B. Foster and Henrietta say in Youngstown with Wm. Jr. (EFM 113)


Jan Eliza visits Youngstown with Stephen and Morrison, boarding at Mrs. Squires' (EFM 113, 116)

Feb. Wm. B. Foster travels to Washington DC to press claims against the government (EFM 115)

Mar 2 Wm. B. Foster in eastern PA, returning to Youngstown (EFM 115). Writes to his wife about efforts to be paid on his claim to U.S. government (JTH 9)

Mar 10 Henry and Dunning write to Mrs. Foster, they have been traveling in the South for two months visiting Nashville, Louisville (EFM 115f)

Apr Mrs. Foster in eastern PA attending to Ann Eliza who is expecting child (Charlotte); Stephen and Morrison alone at Mrs. Squires' (EFM 116)

Apr 30 Dunning and Henry are back in Pittsburgh (EFM 117)

Ca. May 1 Mrs. Foster goes to Philadelphia visiting friends (EFM 118f)

May Mrs. Foster returns to Pittsburgh, with Morrison and Stephen (EFM 121)

May Wm. Foster Jr. returns to Kentucky (EFM 119, 122f)

Oct 20 Henrietta marries Thomas Wick


Jan. 14 SCF als from Youngstown to [William B. Foster, Sr.] concerning a comic songster, whistle (EFM 121) (Elliker #189)

Feb. Wm. Foster Jr. visits family in Youngstown and Pittsburgh, to close out his and his father's share of the store Foster & Hall (EFM 122)

June 16 Stephen in Allegheny has recovered from whooping cough (third time), and attends Mr. Todd's school with Morrison; Foster's go through neighbor's (Pentland's) gate to bake in their oven (EFM 127-8). "After several years spent with Mr. Kelly, Stephen was placed under the care of Rev. Nathan Todd...who gave much attention to...Latin and Greek...[and] English...." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 27)

July Mrs. Foster, Stephen and Dunning go to Youngstown; Stephen stays in Poland at farm of uncle John Struthers (EFM 129)

July 20 Wm. B. Foster leaves Allegheny, spends a week at Youngstown, on way to Erie (EFM129) (JTH 11)

July 28 Henrietta's first child, Mary Baldwin Wick, born (EFM 129)

August Wm. F., Eliza, Stephen, and others return to Allegheny; balloon ascension occurs from the East Common (EFM 130)

Sept.5 William B. Foster letter about the balloon ascension (JTH 11)

Nov/Dec Wm. Foster Jr. marries Mary Wick of Youngstown (EFM 135)

nd Lawrenceville Masonic lodge warrant vacated for nonpayment of dues (EFM 23)

nd Stephen stays for a few days with uncle John Struthers in Ohio (WA 166)

nd Wm. B. Foster conducts temperance meetings in Butler and Allegheny counties (EFM 77)

nd Bank panic causes economic depression that lasts three years (EFM 180)

nd Charter (later taken over by Pennsylvania Railroad) issued for Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad, organizers including Dr. McDowell (Jane's father) (EFM 342)


Mar. Foster family in Allegheny (EFM 135f), Ann Eliza and children are visiting (EFM 138)

April 6 Ann Eliza and children leave for Eastern PA (EFM 138)

April 21 Henry Foster writes from Allegheny that "the portraits are here, and both excellent likenesses" [ one of Wm. Jr.?] (EFM 139)

May 13 Henry has entered business in Warren, PA (EFM 139f)

Aug Henry has closed out his business (EFM 145)


Jan 8 Mary Wick (Mrs. Wm. B. Foster Jr.) dies (EFM 135)

March Wm. Foster Jr. visits Pittsburgh (EFM 153); writes to father from aboard steamboat March 30 (EFM 159)

Mar. 30 Wm. Jr. meets Dunning Foster at Portsmouth, Ohio (EFM 160); Dunning still with Hutchinson and Ledlie, traveling ("collecting") for them in Tennessee (EFM 165)

Apr 30 Wm. B. Foster (Allegheny) writes to son Wm. Jr. (EGM 159)

nd W.C. Peters establishes music store in Cincinnati (WA 24)

Jul-Aug Fosters rent out their Allegheny home, spend summer in Poland, Ohio (EFM 160f); canal in this area to be finished by November (163); Wm Jr. is at Tunkhannock (near Towanda), PA, Henry, Morrison and Stephen boarding in Youngstown (164)

Aug-Sept Stephen stays some weeks with uncle John Struthers in Ohio (WA 166)

Sept.1 Morrison and Wm. B. Foster have returned to Pittsburgh (EFM 167); Morrison begins working as accountant at office of Cadwallader Evans (Eliza's cousin, md. To Jane Mahon), a patent safety guard maker (to reduce chance of explosion of steamboat), 10 Water St., and living with the family (EFM 168-9) (was to begin this date at Wrenshall & Co. cotton warehouse in Pittsburgh (EFM 164))

Sept.29 Henrietta Thornton writes to William Foster about Stephen at uncle John Struthers's farm, with horses and cattle. (WA 166)

Late fall Mr. Mrs. and Stephen Foster move to Youngstown

Christmas Wm. Jr. visits Youngstown (EFM169)


nd Dunning Foster begins career as "river man," leaves employ of Hutchinson & Ledlie (EFM 160)

nd Portraits of Wm. B. Foster painted by William Cogswell and Eliza Foster painted by a Mr. Clifford, of Pittsburgh (EFM facing p. 158; 211)

nd Portrait of Dunning painted by William Cogswell of Pittsburgh (EFM facing p. 159; 211)

nd George P. Morris edits first anthology of American Melodies (WA 127ff)

nd Henry Kleber studies voice with Giamboni in Pittsburgh (WA 22)

Jan. 14 Stephen and brother William leave Youngstown for Towanda (EFM 170), in two-horse sleigh (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 28)

Jan. 15 Stephen and brother William reach Pittsburgh (EFM 170); they go next to Harrisburg

Jan 16 Wm Foster travels with Thomas Wick to Warren PA (EFM 173f); Henrietta, Thomas and family then move there from Youngstown (EFM 174ff)

Mar. 23 Canal at Youngstown filled with water (EFM 177f)

Mar.24 William B. Foster to William Jr., concerning Stephen (WA 167)

Apr. Mr. And Mrs. Foster leave Youngstown and return to Allegheny (EFM175f), stay there until August (EFM 180)

July Henry joins Wm. Jr. in engineer's office in Towanda (EFM 181)

July 28 Eliza and Wm. B. Foster leave Pittsburgh for Youngstown (EFM 181)

[ca.Aug.1] Dunning purchases keelboat with Augustus Anshutes; Morrison begins two years as clerk with McCormack (McCormick) & Brackenridge (EFM 182, 184)

Sept-Oct Wm. And Eliza Foster travel to Philadelphia via canal boat and rail to collect a debt (EFM 183)

nd Wm. B. Foster sides with Whigs against Van Buren (EFM 177, 185); later favors John Tyler, elected as a Whig, but favors state's rights and opposed United States Bank (EFM 253)

Nov. 9 SCF als to [William B. Foster, Jr.], from Athens, PA; he has changed schools (EFM 188f) and is boarding at Mr. Herrick's where he plays his clarinet (EFM 190) (Elliker #190)

Nov. 15 Dunning returns to Pittsburgh from St. Louis (EFM 186)

Dec Wm. and Eliza are boarding at Mrs. Paul's (Pittsburgh, 2nd St., near Mon wharf) (EFM 188)


nd Henry takes job in the Treasury Department, Washington DC, holds until Dec. 1849. (WA 106) (EFM 590 writes that "Stephen never visited Washington when Buchanan was President nor at any other time.")

Jan. Wm. Jr. makes short visit to Ann Eliza at Pequea PA (EFM 190), Wm. Sr. makes short trip to Erie and Youngtown (returning Feb. 12) (EFM 193)

[ca. Feb 3] Dunning has "gone on a steam boat in the Mississippi trade" (EFM 194, 195)

March Henry and Wm. Jr. are singing in the Episcopal Church choir at Towanda (EFM 197)

March 11 Eliza Clayland Tomlinson Foster, Baltimore, a.l.s. to William Barclay Foster, while visiting her relatives in Maryland, writes about "making out the chronicles of the Clayland family" and the possibility of inheriting a "castleated estate on the borders of Durham" (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 13f)

[Apr?] Stephen writes to brother William wanting to leave Mr. Herrick's, stay in Towanda rooming with Mr. Kettle, an artist (EFM 197) (Elliker #191)

April 1 Stephen (on flute) and two other student flutists and a student pianist perform his "Tioga Waltz" in Presbyterian Church at Athens PA (EFM 191), dedicated to Frances Welles (EFM 192). Morrison Foster later created a manuscript of the tune for piano, and published it in Biography, Songs and Musical Compositions of Stephen C. Foster entered and deposited for copyright July 11, 1896 (CE II 493). Morrison said Stephen arranged it for four flutes, with Stephen on lead (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 32)

Apr 22 Wm. Sr. has made his third trip to Erie, Dunning is on steamship Maine on Illinois River (EFM 199-200)

[ca. Apr.26] Fire in Allegheny destroys several houses, but Wm. Jr's are not affected. (EFM 200)

spring Stephen back in Towanda (EFM 189)

May Wm. Sr. travels three weeks to Louisville and Lexington KY and returns first week of June, Eliza goes to Youngstown (EFM 201)

Early July Stephen and brother William arrive in Pittsburgh from Towanda; parents still lodging with Mrs. Paul (EFM 202)

July 20 Stephen arrives with his father at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, PA (EFM 202), father leaves the next day for Warren (EFM 203). "During this part of his life he studied French and German, and became proficient in both under the instruction of Capt. Jean Herbst, a Belgian gentleman, who came to reside in Pittsburgh." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 32f)

July [24] SCF als to [William B. Foster, Jr.], from Canonsburg, PA (EFM 202-3), mid-session (EFM 205) (Elliker #192)

Aug. 28 SCF in Pittsburgh to Wm. Jr.; he has helped the family move house to Wm. Jr.'s house in Allegheny, and has started school with Mr. Moody (where he studies French and German); he fancies being a Navy midshipman; Wm. Sr. is in Washington County at a temperance meeting (EFM 205, 207f) (Elliker #193)

[ca. Aug 20) Fosters resume housekeeping at Wm. Jr.'s house on East Common, Allegheny (EFM 209)

Sept. 3 Wm. B. Foster writes about his activities in a temperance society in Allegheny (JTH 16)

[ca.Sept 23] Wm. Sr. attends temperance rally in Butler county church (EFM 212)

Oct 18 Eliza Foster (Allegheny) writes to William Jr., while William Sr. is away in Erie on business; Stephen "reads a great deal," Morrison living with them (WA 113; EFM 215)

Oct. 23 Dunning is back home; sends father's portrait to Wm. Jr. (EFM 211)

Nov. 21 Wm. Sr. receives letter from Judge (Controller of the Treasury) Walter Forward of Pittsburgh, offering him a position in Washington. (EFM 217)

Nov. 30 Wm Sr. arrives in Washington, DC, staying at Fuller'f Hotel (Pennsylvania Ave.) (EFM 218f)

[ca. Dec. 14] Wm. Jr. and Henry have arrived in Washington DC; Wm. Sr. and Jr. leave Washington DC for Pittsburgh (EFM 219)

Dec. 20 Henry (Washington DC) to William Jr. about his job as a clerk in Treasury Department (WA 106; EFM 219)


Jan Wm. Sr.'s Erie claim partially paid (EFM 221)

Jan 25 Wm. Sr. elected mayor of Allegheny; Stephen helps in his office, in a room at the back of the house (EFM 212, 221, 228)

nd Stephen and Morrison read The Mysteries of Udolpho, historical romances by George Paine Rainsford James, Henry Masterton, and The Adventures of John Marston Hall (EFM 221). About this time [?], "Stephen also became quite a creditable artist in water colors as an amusement, and some of his pictures are yet preserved with pride by his friends." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 33)

Early Feb Wm. Jr. and his mother start east to Harrisburg, then by rail to Washington; rest of family in Allegheny have "colored woman, named Catharine Russell' (EFM 221f)

Feb 16 Eliza Foster in Washington, Wm. Jr. has returned to Pennsylvania (EFM 222f). Mrs. Foster visits Henry in Washington, DC; he introduces her to President Tyler at White House and Judge Henry Baldwin of Supreme Court; they travel together to Baltimore (WA 106)

[ca.Mar.1-12] Eliza Foster in Baltimore (EFM 223f), then to Skinner plantation "Wood Lawn" on Eastern Shore (EFM 234f)

March Stephen studies at home, doesn't go to school in Allegheny (EFM 228)

nd Morrison's passion was the theater (EFM 230)

nd Towanda bank fails, causing suspension of the North Branch Canal project of Wm. Jr. in May (EFM 221, 240f)


nd Charles Dickens, on lecture tour, falls ill in Pittsburgh, treated by Dr. McDowell; William B. Foster sends Morrison to call on him Mar 30; calls on him next day with Stephen (WA 161; EFM 232 says Stephen and Wm. Sr.)

nd Wm. Jr. builds brick house on East Common, Allegheny, directly below the Methodist Protestant Church (EFM 109)

nd William B. Foster serves a term as mayor of Allegheny (WA 112)

[ca. May 1] Eliza Foster leaves Washington for Paradise PA to visit daughter Ann Eliza Buchanan (EFM 238f)

May 24 Eliza Foster leaves Paradise PA for Pittsburgh; Thomas Wick dies in Youngstown (EFM 241)

May 25[?] Wm. Foster Sr. leaves for Youngstown

May Frank Johnson's band performs at New Temperance Hall and elsewhere in Allegheny (and Pittsburgh?) (WA 146, 245)

June 11 Eliza Foster in Youngstown OH helping Henrietta (EFM 242); Stephen too (EFM 243); leave for Allegheny at end of June (EFM 247). Henrietta has a piano (EFM 249)

nd Stephen Foster using Walker's Dictionary for reference (EFM 247)

nd Foster brothers borrow from one another, keeping strict accounting (EFM 251)

Aug 18 Henry (Washington) to brother William, writes that he is in Episcopal church choir (EFM 252)

Sep.3 Eliza Foster now in Youngstown a week with Stephen to help Henrietta; the trip is easy, and costs $2 (EFM 253f)

Sep.22 Wm. Foster Jr. marries Elizabeth Smith Burnett, a widow with a son, Robert (and sister in law of J. Edgar Thomson) (EFM 255)

Oct Eliza Foster returns to Pittsburgh (EFM 256)

Nov Wm. Sr. goes to Washington DC and Baltimore and returns by way of Youngstown (EFM 257)

Dec 3 Stephen returns from Youngstown to Pittsburgh with his father; later attends Old Drury theater performances of Junius Brutus Booth

Dec. 5 (Richard III), 10 (King Lear) (EFM 256)

Dec. 25 Stephen and Morrison attend services at the Catholic church (EFM 258)


Mar.1-23 Comet appears (EFM 260)

Mar.11-Apr.23 Morrison goes to Memphis on steamboat Lancaster, business trip for Pollard McCormick to buy cotton and sell yarn (EFM 258)

Apr 19 Morrison travels on same steamboat Little Ben from Madison IN to Cincinnati as Frank Johnson's band (EFM 261)

May 12 Frank Johnson's Band gives "Grand Soiree Musicale" at Philo Hall, Pittsburgh (EFM 262)

May 16 Frank Johnson's Band perform at Temperance Ark, Allegheny; gang [of Irish?] threaten them, band is protected by Wm. Sr. who sets bail for four of them on May 18 (EFM 262ff)

[ca. May20] Frank Johnson's Band advertised to perform Grand Quadrille Party at Bonnafon's Saloon [Pittsburgh?] (EFM 264)

May 27 Morrison travels to New Orleans (EFM 260f) and Nashville buying cotton (EFM 266).

nd Foster brothers meet Dan Rice, who is doing "nigero singing and dancing" (EFM 264ff)

July 13 Wm. Jr. and new wife Elizabeth visiting Allegheny, their daughter Charlotte Frances born (EFM 266)


August Henry Foster in Allegheny for a visit (EFM 266)

Aug.9 Morrison and Henry walk to Lawrenceville to visit White Cottage, now home of Malcolm Leech and family (EFM 266) (EFM 638)

Aug.30 Wm. Jr. and family traveling on Blairsville canal at Warren (PA?) (EFM 269f)

Sep.22 Wm. Jr. in Towanda, his family at Paradise PA, Henry visiting Ann Eliza and on to York PA (EFM 270f)

Oct. Wm. Jr. elected a canal commissioner of PA, lives with family at Towanda (EFM 273). According to Morrison, his position is "Chief Engineer of the Public Works (canals and railroads) of the State of Pennsylvania" (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 27)

Oct.14 Verses of poem "Open Thy Lattice, Love" published under title "Serenade" in New Mirror (EFM 267f) (CE 451).

nd Stephen Foster writes "Open Thy Lattice, Love" to poem by George Pope Morris (EFM 267) and sketches waltz dedicated to "Miss Maria Bach", (?)gives ms to Susan Pentland (EFM 268). "At sixteen years of age he produced his first published song..."Open Thy Lattice, Love" (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 34) [NB: Morris's poem not published until Stephen was 17]

Nov.-Dec.10 Morrison travels to New Orleans, places order with Burke, Watt and Company headed by Glen D. Burke (EFM 273)


Mar.19 Morrison departs for New Orleans, attends cockfight near Memphis (EFM 275)

May Foster household in Allegheny apparently has a piano (EFM 274)

July 10 Morrison leaves New Orleans, returns via Chicago and Great Lakes, Buffalo (where he heard Ole Bull), arriving Pittsburgh Aug.2 (EFM 275f)

Fall? Robert Peebles Nevin writes "Our Nominee" for Polk and Dallas presidential campaign (EFM 278)

Oct. Eliza Foster visiting Wm. Jr. and Elizabeth in Harrisburg and daughter Ann Eliza (EFM 276)

Nov.1 Morrison leaves again for New Orleans (EFM 277)

Dec.7 "Open Thy Lattice Love" entered and deposited for copyright by George Willig, 171n Ches[t]nut St[reet], Philadelphia (CE); dedicated to Susan E. Pentland, 14-year old next-door neighbor and pianist (WA 5, 24, 164) (EFM 267)

Dec. 12 Morrison returns from New Orleans (EFM 280)

nd Thomas Campbell (1777-1844) dies, had written "The Harper" about "Poor Dog Tray" (WA 124-5)

nd Frank Johnson dies (WA 145)

nd Wm. R. Dempster's setting of Tennyson's poem "The May Queen" published; Stephen Foster and Charles Shiras inspired to write additional stanzas (this year, or 1846? WA 152)

nd When Stephen was 18, he is invited to a large party and invited him "to bring his flute with him" to which he replies "I will send my flute if she desires it." (EFM 490f) (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 36). But he "often sang in chorus with others, upon occasions of concerts for charitable purposes, in Pittsburgh." (Morrison, 37).


Jan. 23 Wm. Sr.'s brother, Alexander Foster of Harrison County, OH, dies (EFM 279)

Feb. 6 Wm. Sr.'s brother, James Barclay Foster of Baldwin Township, Allegheny County PA, dies (EFM 279f)

Apr.10 Worst fire in Pittsburgh history, burning a third of the city mostly businesses and factories, bridge over Monongahela, Monongahela House hotel. Morrison, Stephen and other boys help fight fire with volunteer fire company. Morrison saves books of McCormick cotton warehouse but building burns. Within three months the business district is rebuilt (EFM 280ff)

nd SCF works at Hope Cotton Mills, Pittsburgh (WA 3), checking cotton bales as they are rolled up the wharf from steamboats (EFM 282)

nd Stephen and friends meet often for music at home of Rachel, Mary, and Margaret Keller (EFM 282); meet twice a week at Foster's house "to practice songs in harmony" with J. Cust Blair, Andrew L. Robinson, J. Harvey Davis, Robert P. McDowell, Morrison. Stephen writes "Lou'sianna Belle," the "Old Uncle Ned" (EFM 282f). "In 1845 a club of young men, friends of his, met twice a week at our house to practice songs in harmony under his leadership. They were, J. Cust Blair, Andrew L. Robinson, J. Harvey Davis, Robert P. McDowell, and myself." "His first effort was called 'The Louisiana Belle.' A week after this he produced the famous song of 'Old Uncle Ned.'" (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 34)

May Morrison departs Allegheny (EFM 280)

May 6 SCF writes "Five 'Nice Young Men'" (WA 4) re Charles P. Shiras (Charley the elder), Charles Rahm (Charley the younger, Illinois screecher), Andrew L. Robinson (Andy, "duds"), Robert J. McDowell (Bob, smokes tobies), J. Harvey Davis (fiddler), "Knights of the Square Table"; refs. to George Latimer (WA 5), fugitive slave (EFM 283f). Group included "mixed ensemble of flute, guitar, piano, violin, and voices," arr. their own duets and quartets (EFM 285). (Elliker #165)

May 14 Stephen and Morrison's employer, Pollard G. McCormick, marries Sarah K. Shoenberger in Lawrenceville, Morrison attends wedding (EFM 286f)

May 15 Morrison leaves on longest journey of his career, to New Orleans then by sea to New York, then to Harrisburg, Baltimore, Washington (EFM 287)

July 21 Morrison returns from trip (EFM 187)

Aug.13 Methodist Protestant Church (corner of Ohio Street and East Common, now Union Avenue) next door to Foster's house in Allegheny blows up in gas explosion (EFM 288)

Sept. 15 Stephen Foster als from Pittsburgh to sister Ann Eliza (Elliker #194) (Elliker #194)

Sept. 19 Stephen to Ann Eliza Buchanan, re her desire for him to compose organ music; considers trading places with Henry in Washington at Treasury Dept.; Dunning is traveling in the East; Stephen is working at Hope (McCormick) warehouse in Pittsburgh (WA 107). Stephen borrows organ music from Mellor, copies it and sends it to Ann Eliza (EFM 285f says Sept 15)

Nd Dunning Foster goes into partnership with Archibald Irwin, Jr. in steamboat agency and commission business, Cincinnati, late this year or early 1846 (EFM 289)

Nd Stephen's song "Uncle Ned" is "first sung in Cincinnati, at a concert by Pond, McCann, and others...and enthusiastically encored," according to J. B. Russell's article of Jan. 22 1857 (EFM 485). "'Uncle Ned' immediately became known and popular everywhere" [implying in 1845] (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 34)

Nd Mr. A. Andrews rents second-floor hall on Wood Street, Pittsburgh, as Eagle Ice Cream Saloon, presents "living statues, songs, dances" (EFM 310)

(fall?) Uncle John Struthers (1759-1845) dies (WA 166) (EFM 299f)


Jan.21 Wm. Sr. leaves Allegheny and arrives in Washington (ca. Feb.1?) to testify for claims for George Cochran; Wm. Jr. has been offered position in the new Pennsylvania Railroad (EFM 290f, 295f)

Feb Eliza Foster visits Dunning in Cincinnati; Stephen, Morrison, Henrietta and her children in Allegheny (EFM 289)

nd Henry Kleber opens music store in Pittsburgh (WA 22)

April 7 William R. (P. in EFM 439) Dempster of Boston toured through Pittsburgh, and his concert is heard by Foster and Charles Shiras (WA 152); Stephen and Shiras both love his "May Queen" cantata on Tennyson's three-part poem; Stephen later plays and sings it with great emotion, and he (one) and Shiras (two) add verses (EFM 439)

spring Henry Foster advocates for Stephen's appointment to West Point military academy; posts negative results in letter to Morrison, Mar.16 (WA 107); by Mar. 16 Wm. Sr. has returned to Allegheny (EFM 296f)

June Morrison passes through Cincinnati (EFM 293); returns from New Orleans June 30 (EFM 300)

Summer Henry visits from Washington, meets Mary Burgess (EFM 301)

Oct.9 "There's a Good Time Coming" entered for copyright by Peters & Field, Cincinnati; deposit copy dated October 19, 1846 (CE 452); on Charles Mackay poem, dedicated it to Mary Keller (WA 10, 18) (EFM 282, 298)

Oct. 31 Stephen still in Allegheny, according to Wm. Sr. letter (EFM 300). "[In 1846] Stephen went to Cincinnati at the solicitation of his brother Dunning, who was in business there, and acted as a bookkeeper for him." "While in Cincinnati he wrote 'Oh,Susanna'...." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 35)

Dec 26 Mary Keller dies suddenly; Foster writes "Where is Thy Spirit, Mary?" (WA 115) (EFM 282, 298f) (but see 1847 nd).

nd Morrison appointed guardian of Henrietta's children and property (EFM 292)

nd James Hall provides recommendation for Stephen in Cincinnati (WA 144-5)


nd "Where Is Thy Spirit Mary?" written by Stephen Foster, in memory of Mary Keller. Year 1847 appears on the title page of the printed source (1895) (CE 455).

nd Stephen is in Cincinnati (see Aug. 23), late in 1846 or early 1847, working as bookkeeper for Irwin and Foster (EFM 301)

nd Charles Shiras edits two new weekly journals (WA xxi), The Albatross which is antislavery, and The Evening Day Book more literary and edited in partnership with William A. Kinsloe (EFM 435)

Jan 5 Henrietta marries Jesse Thornton (EFM 301)

Jan 12 Henry Foster marries Mary Burgess (WA 108) (EFM 301)

Jan 12 Wm. Jr.'s term on canal commission expires, and he begins working for Pennsylvania Railroad under chief engineer J. Edgar Thomson (EFM 291f)

Apr. 20 Morrison leaves Allegheny on business (EFM 301)

May 13 Mexican War declared (EFM 292)

nd Morrison joins Third Regiment as corporal, soon made sergeant in Company 7 under Captain Thorn (EFM 292)

June 4 General Scott's company called to Mexico, including Dunning, Richard Cowan, in Capt. Alex Hays' company, the Jackson Blues, co-captained by William Carlton (EFM 301)

June 10 Notice appears in Cincinnati Gazette that Peters & Field in Cincinnati issue a second edition of "Open Thy Lattice, Love" (EFM 308)

June 14 Morrison arrives in Baltimore on vacation, visits Philadelphia and Washington, returns via the Pennsylvania canal (EFM 303f)

Summer Eliza and Wm. Sr. move to Youngstown for two years, staying in boardinghouses when visiting Pittsburgh (EFM 302)

Aug. 19 "What Must a Fairy's Dream Be?" sung for first time at Andrews Eagle Ice Cream Saloon by Miss Bruce (EFM 315); (WA 11), dedicated to daughter of Allegheny judge Thomas Irwin and friend of the five nice young men (WA 115)

Aug. 23 Eliza Foster (Youngstown OH) writes to Morrison, just returned from Cincinnati where he visited Dunning and Stephen (WA 113f); Morrison staying at St. Charles Hotel June 25-Nov.29 (EFM 314)

Aug. 31 Pittsburgh Daily Commercial Journal runs ad for silver cup prize on Sept. 6 for author of words to an Ethiopian Melody or Extravaganza at Andrew's Eagle Ice Cream Saloon (EFM 311f), to be performed by "The Vocalists" (Mrs. Phillips, Miss Bruce, Mrs. Sharpe, Mr. Kneass, Mr. Holman) (EFM 313). "While he was in Cincinnati...he sent to me at my suggestion a song called 'Way Down South Whar de Corn Grows,' to be entered for a prize...." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 37)

Sept. 6 SCF's "Away Down South" submitted in "Negro song contest" and sung by Nelson Kneass who accompanied himself at the piano, and who was musician and manager at Andrews Ice Cream Saloon, next day Kneass and George Holman try to copyright it at court of Judge Thomas Irwin, U.S. District Judge, where Morrison "had just previously taken a copyright" (WA 11) (EFM 310ff); Holman's "The Old Iron City" wins the prize (EFM 312f)

Sept. 7 Morrison Foster ("My Brother Stephen" 37) says that the next day after the performance, he "was in the United States Court taking out a copyright for Stephen's song" ["Way Down South Whar de Corn Grows"] when "one of the troupe who had sung it appeared and asked for a copyright in his own name for the very same song. I informed Judge Irwin of the fraud...." [does any record of such a copyright exist?]

Sept. 11 "Susanna" performed by Nelson Kneass at Andrews Ice Cream Saloon (CE 461) (WA 3) (EFM 313f); advertised in Pittsburgh Daily Commercial Journal (CE; JTH); ?based on slave ballad (WA 6, 10); similar to Lowell Mason's "Missionary Hymn" 1827 (WA 10); pronunciation of "bear-i-ed" (EFM 314)

Sept. 14 Gen. Scott occupies Mexico City, armistice declared, troops begin to return home (EFM 315)

Oct. 18 "Lou'siana Belle" entered and deposited for copyright by W.C. Peters, Cincinnati (CE 455)

Oct.18 "What Must a Fairy's Dream Be?" deposited for copyright by W.C. Peters, Cincinnati (no copyright entry recorded) (CE 455); dedicated to Mary H. Irwin of Pittsburgh; Morneweck speculates that Stephen Foster gave it to Peters at same time as "Lou'siana Belle" and "Old Uncle Ned" (EFM 308f; see Stephen's word on this, EFM 337f), and that he gave copies of it and "Susanna" to Kneass's vocalists in Cincinnati in summer (EFM 315)

Dec. 10 Morrison in Memphis when Dunning and Richard Cowan pass through on way to Pittsburgh (EFM 315), Morrison goes on to New Orleans (EFM 316)

Dec. 21 Morrison's best friend, Tom Blair, marries Virginia Dike of Steubenville (EFM 316)

Nd SCF writes "Lou'siana Belle" (WA 8); Stephen says it was copyrighted by W.C. Peters this year (EFM 338)


Jan 9 Morrison returns from New Orleans to Cincinnati, has had daguerreotypes made in New Orleans (EFM 316), returns to Pittsburgh mid-Jan. boarding with Mr. & Mrs. Foster at St. Charles Hotel (EFM 320)

Jan. 27 Robert Nevin directs quartet of Miss Irwin, soprano; Miss Stockton, alto; Nevin bass; and Kleber, tenor, at First Presbyterian church, Allegheny (EFM 321)

nd Henry Kleber serving as piano and voice instructor, gave musical soirees at Wilkins Hall, agent for Nunn & Clark's grand and square pianos at Wardwell's Furniture Rooms, 83 Third Street, composing songs and piano compositions (EFM 321)

nd Frederick Blume (Stephen's friend), music and piano dealer, arrested for abusing wife Charlotte (EFM 321)

nd Wm. Sr. engaged in helping collect soldiers' claims from the government (EFM 321f)

Feb. 25 "Susanna" deposited for copyright by C. Holt, Jr., New York (CE 461); attributed to Christy Minstrels (WA 25; copyrights, p.72)

Apr.7 Morrison leaves Allegheny for the south; falls ill with malaria May 21 in New Orleans, reaches Cincinnati with Dunning July 1 (EFM 333f)

Apr 11 Sophy Denny and Brady Wilkins wed (EFM 333)

Apr. 27 Marian McDowell and John Scully wed (EFM 333)

May 2 Martha Shoenberger and John Duncan wed (EFM 333)

Summer Dunning, Stephen living at Mrs. Griffin's, Fourth Street, Cincinnati (EFM 334). Friends "whom he preferred to have assist him in singing the choruses of his songs while they were in the course of preparation" included in Cincinnati Miss Sophie Marshall, afterwards Mrs. Harry Miller (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 40). "She was a great favorite in society. For her he wrote, "Stay, Summer Breath," which was among his earliest sentimental productions" ( 41).

nd SCF gave copy of "Uncle Ned" to minstrel performer William Roark of the Sable Harmonists, Cincinnati (WA 15), and gave the song to W. C. Peters (EFM 337f)

May 16 "Uncle Ned" advertised by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville, as "today published" in Louisville Daily Democrat (CE 459)

May 16 "Uncle Ned" entered for copyright by William Millet, New York (CE 460) (WA 11) (EFM 337)

nd C. Holt Jr. of New York issues "Oh! Susanna" (EFM 337)

nd "Way Down South in Alabama" published by C. Holt Jr., New York, anonymously (CE II 494). This piece attributed to Foster on Millet's edition.

nd Millet of New York issues "Way Down South in Alabama," with caption "Music by S.C. Foster-Arranged by Frank Spencer" (who later wrote words to "Young Folks at Home", 1852: EFM 338f). Holt publishes three anonymous editions of the song (EFM 339)

July 15 "Stay, Summer Breath" advertised by W.C. Peters as "just published" (CE 460); dedicated to Sophie Marshall (EFM 336), Cincinnati doctor's daughter, mentioned by Morrison as a fine soprano (WA 115). Text republished by Peters in Baltimore, July 1850 (CE 460)

July 15 Publication of "Susanna" by W.C. Peters probably occurred between this date and Aug.1 (CE 461)

mid-July Morrison back in Pittsburgh, staying with Mr. & Mrs. Foster at St. Charles Hotel; Wm. Jr. now living at Lewistown PA building the Pennsylvania Railroad westward (EFM 342)

Aug.1 Publication of "Susanna" by W.C. Peters probably occurred between July 15 and this date (CE 461)

Aug. 8 "Santa Anna's Retreat from Buena Vista" advertised by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville, as "to-day published" in Louisville Daily Democrat (CE 460)

Sept. 2 "The Spirit of My Song" poem by Metta Victoria Fuller appeared in The Home Journal; Foster's song based on this text (see Aug.21, 1850) (CE 466)

Sept. 6 "Susanna" advertised by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville, as "recently published" in Louisville Daily Democrat (CE 461) [see July 15, 

Aug. 1, Dec.30, 1848]

Sept. 29 "Away Down Souf" advertised by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville, as "this day published" in Louisville Daily Democrat [see also Sept. 6, 1847; Dec. 30, 1848] (CE 462).

Oct. 10 Henrietta has another son, William Foster Thornton, in Warren Ohio (EFM 355)

Oct. 12 Morrison with his mother leave Pittsburgh for Lewistown (arrive Oct.15) and Philadelphia (EFM 342f); Morrison goes on to New York, then to Boston and mills at Lowell MA, before returning to Lancaster County PA Nov. 11, then to Baltimore and Washington Nov. 15, and reaching Pittsburgh Nov. 23 (EFM 343); Mrs. Foster reaches Pittsburgh early Dec. (EFM 344). Morrison has written to Dunning about Gold Hunting in California (EFM 344)

Dec. 5 "Nelly Was a Lady" entered for copyright in Pittsburgh (CE 462) (EFM 351) [see also Feb.6, July 18, 1849]

Dec. 7 Foster family leaves St. Charles Hotel, commences boarding at the Misses Hettick's private boardinghouse, 85 Penn Street; Dunning frequently visits (EFM 344, 357)

Dec. 29 Dunning responds to Morrison about Gold Hunting (EFM 344f)

Dec.30 "Uncle Ned" ["Old Uncle Ned"] entered and deposited for copyright by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville. [See also May 16, 1848] (CE 459) (WA 72)

Dec. 30 "Stay Summer Breath" entered for copyright by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville (CE 460) [See also July 15, 1848]. According to Morrison, written for Sophie Marshall of Cincinnati ("My Brother Stephen," 41)

Dec. 30 "Susanna" [Oh! Susanna] entered for copyright by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville (CE 461); Peters gives SCF $100 (WA 11, 72) [See also Sept. 11, 1847; Feb.25, July 15, Aug.1, Sept. 6, 1848; May 25, Sept.12, 1849]

Dec. 30 "Away Down Souf" entered for copyright by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville [see also Sept.29, 1848] (CE 461) (WA 72)

Dec. 30 "Santa Anna's Retreat from Buena Vista" entered for copyright by W.C. Peters & Co., Louisville. Copyright deposit copy contains change from earliest print. [see also Aug.8, 1848] (CE 460) (EFM 350)

Dec. Stephen returns from Cincinnati? "After his return from Cincinnati in 1848, he devoted himself to the study of music as a science and also perfected his knowledge of languages and other branches of learning." (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 37f)


nd Stephen returns from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh in December 1848 or before January 13, 1849; Jane McDowell visiting in Cincinnati at the Stewart family (EFM 346f)

Feb. Stephen back at Irwin & Foster in Cincinnati (EFM 348)

Feb.6 Firth, Pond & Co. copyright "Toll the Bell for Lovely Nell, or My Dark Virginia Bride" by Charles T. White, manager of Melodeon minstrel theater, 53 Bowery, New York (EFM 351) (CE 462)

nd The National Melodies of Scotland, united to the songs of Robert Burns, Allen Ramsey, and other eminent lyric poets... published, copy owned by Morrison (WA 102)

nd Foster finds Denis Florence McCarthy's (of Dublin) poem "Summer Longings" in the Home Journal and sets it to music (WA 155) (EFM 363)

nd Firth, Pond publish Henri Herz arr. of "Susanna" (WA 21)

Jan. 13 Dunning in Cincinnati writes to Morrison in Pittsburgh, saying Jane McDowell is visiting Cincinnati, while Stephen is in Pittsburgh (WA 91)

Mar.30 Madame Biscaccianti first concert in Pittsburgh, at Apollo Hall, with J.L. Hatton, piano and vocalist, and Signor Biscaccianati on 'cello, probably presented by Kleber; other concerts until April 5 (EFM 355)

Apr.27 Stephen in Cincinnati writes to Morrison in Pittsburgh about visiting Signor and Madame Biscaccianti; Stephen and Morrison's acquaintance Gilead A. (Gil) Smith in New York has the copyright for "Nelly Was a Lady" (EFM 351ff)

May 1 Morrison rejoins Pennsylvania Militia, in Capt. John Herron's company, Duquesne Grays (EFM 358)

May Henry Foster, with wife and baby daughter Birdie, return to Pittsburgh, Henry looking for a position after Taylor assumed presidency (EFM 357)

May-June Dunning boarding with family in Pittsburgh (EFM 363)

May 7 Dr. Andrew McDowell dies suddenly, father of Jane and five other daughters (WA 91), Marian (Mrs. John D. Scully), Agnes (Mrs. Cummings), Mary, Elizabeth, and Alice who did not marry (EFM 349)

May 12 "Summer Longings" poem by Denis Florence MacCarthy appeared without attribution in The Home Journal (CE 462). Stephen Foster's song on this poem appeared Nov.21, 1849.

May 25 SCF from Cincinnati writes to William Millet, NY publisher, re "Lou'sianna Belle," "Uncle Ned," and "Oh, Susanna" (EFM 337f) (JTH 139-40) (Elliker #195)

June Stephen, Wm. Jr. and other Foster sons are with parents in Pittsburgh (EFM 363); Stephen visits Martha A. (Murka) Morse (mother of Lettie M. Christian of Aspinwall, PA) (EFM 365)

June 5 Susan (Siss) Pentland weds Andrew Robinson (WA 5, 164) (EFM 284, 364)

June 19 J. Cust Blair (Morrison's closest friend) weds Anne Robinson (Dunning's only true love) (EFM 364)

June 27 Louisa Bell weds J.B. Shepley of St. Louis (EFM 364)

July Dunning returns to Cincinnati; Stephen visits Henrietta in Warren OH, then returns to Cincinnati; Wm. Jr. returns to Lewistown; Henry is out of employment and helps father as soldier's agent (EFM 363, 367f)

July Morrison has full charge of the Hope Cotton Mill (EFM 368)

July 17 Foster family moves to Mrs. Thompson's boardinghouse in Lawrenceville

July 18 "Nelly Was a Lady" entered [not deposited] for copyright by Firth, Pond & Co., New York [see also Dec.5, 1848] (CE 462); this was a recopyright by Firth, Pond & Company [see Feb. 6, 1849] as "Written & Composed by S.C. Foster," the beginning of Stephen's association with the firm (EFM 351ff)

Sept. 8 SCF writes to Firth, Pond seeking contract, sending "Brudder Gum" and "Nelly Was a Lady" (WA 25) (see also EFM 350)

Sept. 12 Firth, Pond reply to SCF's letter (WA 25) (EFM 354) (CE 461)

Oct 1 "My Brodder [Brudder] Gum" entered and deposited for copyright by Firth, Pond & Co., New York (CE 462) (EFM 376)

Oct 29 Morrison starts for the South, Nashville (EFM 368)

Nov. 21 "Summer Longings" entered for copyright by W.C. Peters, Baltimore (CE 462) [see also May 12, 1849]. Probably the last song Foster published on a "small cash or fifty copies payment basis" (EFM 362f), dedicated to S. P. Thompson, rooming with Stephen and Dunning at Mrs. Griffin's boardinghouse on Fourth Street, Cincinnati (EFM 363)

Nov.14 "Dolcy Jones" entered and deposited for copyright by Firth, Pond & Co., New York (CE 462)

Dec. 3 [SCF signs contract with Firth, Pond, now lost. See 1858 contract] Also secures a contract with F.D. Benteen, Baltimore (EFM 363)

Dec 20 Morrison writes from Nashville to Pittsburgh about fears of dissolution of the Union (EFM 368f)

nd Bayard Taylor reports hearing "Susanna" in Panama and California (WA 28)


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