Social Orchestra

The Social Orchestra consists of eighty-three pages of music presenting various  instrumental arrangements of popular airs of the day, melodies of 
well-known operas, arrangements of Foster's own 
songs, and several new instrumental works composed by Foster himself.

For a complete list of Foster's songs please go here.

music: Franz Abt

Air by de Beriot
music: Charles Aguste de Beriot

Air from "Preciosa"
music: Carl Maria von Weber

music: Foster

Bridal Waltz
music: Louis Antoine Jullien

Broadway Quickstep
music: Josef Gung'l

Byerly's Waltz
music: William Byerly

Cally Polka
music: anonymous

Come Where the Fountains Play
music: Donizetti

Commence Ye Darkeys All
music: W.D. Corrister

Coral Schottisch
music: Henry Kleber

Crystal Schottisch
music: William Byerly

Duett from "Lucia di Lammermoor";
music: Donizetti

Evening Star Waltz
music: Joseph Franz Karl Lanner

French Quadrilles
music: Tolbeuque

French Quadrille No. 2
music: Bosissio

French Quadrille No. 3
music: Bosissio

French Quadrille No. 4
music: Tolbeuque

French Quadrille No. 5
music: anonymous

Gems from Lucia No. 1
music: Donizetti

Gems from Lucia No. 2
music: Donizetti

Gems from Lucia No. 3
music: Donizetti

Gems from Lucia No. 4
music: Donizetti

Gems from Lucia No. 5
music: Donizetti

Happy Land
music: Edward Francis Rimbault

Hohnstock Polka
music: Adele Hohnstock

I Love the Merry Sunshine
music: Stephen Glover

I'd Offer Thee This Hand of Mine
music: L. Thayer Chadwick

Introduction to Caliph of Bagdad
music: Francois Adrien Boiedieu

music: Foster

Italian Melodies No. 1
music: Giuseppe Marco Maria Felice Blangini

Italian Melodies No. 2
music: Donizetti

Italian Melodies No. 3
music: Ferdinando Bertoni

Italian Melodies No. 5
music: Mozart

Jennie's Own Schottisch
music: Foster

Katy Darling
music: Vincenzo Bellini

La Serenade
music: Schubert

Love Launched a Fairy Boat
music: James Howard Tully

Make Me No Gaudy Chaplet Now
music: Donizetti

March from the Daughter of the Regiment
music: Donizetti

Maria Redowa
music: Donizetti

Nancy Till
music: anonymous

O Summer Night!
music: Donizetti

O Would I Were a Boy Again
music: Frank Romer

Old Pine Tree, The
music: Charles White

On the Banks of the Guadalquiver
music: Louis Henry Lavenu

On to the Field of Glory
music: Donizetti

Pearl Polka
music: Henry Kleber

Pirate's Chorus
music: Michael William Balfe

Rainbow Schottisch
music: Henry Kleber

Roll On , Silver Moon
music: Jane Sloman

Saratoga Lake Waltz
music: Frederick C. Grambs

Scenes That Are the Brightest
music: William Vincent Wallace

Sontag Polka
music: Giulio Alary

Thou Art Gone from My Gaze
music: George Linley

Ton Mahrchen Waltz
music: Josef Gung'l

Twilight Song
music: Henry Pond

Village Festival Quadrilles
music: Foster

Wait for the Wagon
music: anonymous

Waltz by Beethoven
music: anonymous

Waltz by Lanner
music: Joseph Franz Karl Lanner

Waltz by Strauss
music: Johann Strauss, Jr.

Where Are the Friends of My Youth
music: George Arthur Barker

Widow Machree
music: Samuel Lover

Wild Haunts for Me, The
music: anonymous

Will You Come to My Mountain Home
music: Francis H. Brown

Will You Love Me Then, As Now?
music: Francis Weiland

Would I Were Thee
music: Carlo Bosetti


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