Stephen Foster's chronology from 1700


  • ca: circa
  • nd: no date
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[ca] Alexander Foster born in the north of Ireland, later emigrated to American from Londonderry (EFM 607)


[ca] Alexander Foster emigrated from Londonderry, Ireland, to America, with his mother and other near relatives. Settled in Freehold, Monmouth County, NJ (EFM 607)


[ca] Alexander Foster moves to Little Britain Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania (later part of Lancaster County, May 10, 1729) (EFM 607)


[ca] Alexander Foster marries Polly Connor (EFM 607)


Apr. 17 Alexander Foster took out warrant for 187 acres of land in northern part of Little Britain Township.



nd John Struthers born.



April Alexander Foster died, leaving half his estate to his son John (EFM 607)



Apr. 28 John Foster sold entire estate of his father to Hugh Barkley (EFM 607)



Sept. 7 William Barclay Foster (Stephen's father) born, Berkeley County, Virginia (EFM 616). Son of James Foster, Revolutionary war soldier in Virginia, present at Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 9) (JTH 4)



nd James Foster and family with other Scotch-Irish moved to near Canonsburg, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Became an original trustee of Canonsburg Academy, 1791, later known as Jefferson College (Morrison Foster, "My Brother Stephen" 9)



Jan. 21 Eliza Clayland Tomlinson (Stephen's mother) born, Wilmington, Delaware (EFM 616)



Apr. 20 William Barclay Foster rides into Pittsburgh from Canonsburg, age 16


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