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University of Pittsburgh

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Research Overview:
We use fast scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) to monitor changes in dopamine levels because background subtracted cyclic voltammograms can be generated, and allow for positive identification of species that contribute to changes in current. The electrodes are made with a single carbon fiber sealed in a tapered capillary tube (Figure 1). The carbon fibers are around 7 microns in diameter, and have properties that are ideal for detecting the electroactive neurotransmitter dopamine (DA). The background subtracted cyclic voltammogram in this plot is characteristic of dopamine (Figure 3). For more information on our current research please visit the links on the right.

Figure 1: Carbon fiber electrode

Penetration injury associated with microdialysis
Effects of 24h dexamethasone retrodialysis on evoked dopamine release
Kinetic diversity of dopamine transmission
Restricted diffusion model
Patchwork of the nucleus accumbens core

Figure 2: Reaction at the electrode's surface

Figure 3: FSCV and background subtraction