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Bernard D. Goldstein - Memberships, (past 5 years)

Professional Service to the University

  2005 - 2008 Member, Advisory Board, Center for Rural Health Practice, University of Pittsburgh, Bradford

  2005 - 2009 Advisor, Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh, Cancer Institute

  2006 - Member, Dean's Advisory Board, Ohio State University College of Public Health

  2006 - Member, Editorial Committee, Annual Reviews of Public Health

  2006 - 2011 Member, External Advisory Committee, University of North Carolina School of Public Health

  2007 External Examiner, Dept Community Health, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; Cheras, Malaysia

  2007 Member, External Review Board, Tulane-Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research

  2007 Chair, Advisory Board, University of Pittsburgh Academic Consortium for Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking

  2008 Member, External Review Board, Columbia University Earth Institute

  2008 Visiting Committee for the Departments of Community and Family Medicine and of Psychological Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore

  2008 - Member, Science Advisory Committee, Environmental Bioinformatics and Computational Toxicology Center, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center and Rutgers University

  2008 - Member, University of Pittsburgh GSPH Senior Council

  2008 - Member, Committee Member, University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics Health Committee

  2008 - Member, University of Pittsburgh Wuhan Collaboration Strategy Group

  2009 - 2011 Dean's Associate Committee, University of Indiana, School of HPER (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation)

  2009 - Research Advisory Committee, Environment and Health Fund Israel

  2009 - Member, Faculty Advisory Committee, Global Studies Program, University Center for International Studies

  2009 - Member, INCIGHT Steering Committee, University of Pittsburgh

  2009 - Member, Advisory Committee, European Union Center of Excellence

  2010 Chair, University of Pittsburgh Academic Partner for Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking Advisory Committee

  2010 Member, Planning Committee, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health 2010 Conference

  2011 Member, Health and Human Services Committee, University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics

  2011 Chair, Board of Advisors, New Jersey/New York Hazardous Materials Worker Training Center, UMDNJ School of Public Health

  2011 Committee Member, International Nuclear Symposium, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

  2011 Member, Conference Planning Committee - Marcellus Shale

  2011 Member, University of Indiana School of Public Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Chair Search Committee

  2012 Invited Speaker, "Health Implications of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development." University of Pittsburgh American Medical Student Association Primary and Community Care Week Lectures

Editorial Boards

  2006 - Editor-in-Chief, Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, Paris, France

  2008 - Member, Editorial Board, Society for Risk Analysis, Risk Analysis

  2011 Member, Editorial Board, Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, SCOPE-Elsevier

  2011 Member, Editorial Board, Environmental Development

Study Sections, Review Panels, and Related Advisory Boards

  2008 - 2010 Member, Environmental Health Centers Review Panel, Environmental Health Foundation, Israel

Leadership in Professional Organizations and Honorary Societies

  2005 - 2006 Member, Board of Trustees, International Life Sciences Institute Research Foundation

  2005 - 2007 Chair, Communications Strategy Committee, Society of Toxicology

  2005 - Chair, National Board of Public Health Examiners (Chair, 2005-2007)

  2006 - 2007 Member, Planning Committee for the 7th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment: Integrating Environmental and Human Health

  2008 - Member, Planning Committee, International Symposium on Benzene Toxicity and Leukemia, To Be Held in Munich, Germany; September 2009

  2009 - 2010 Poster Session Judge, The Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, December, 2009

  2009 - Member and Board Chair, Foundation to Advance Public Health Through Certification

Service to Governmental and Other Public Organizations

  2002 - 2008 Member, Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Advisory Board, Pennsylvania Department of Health

  2003 - 2005 Member, Allegheny County Health Department – Board of Health Evaluation and Strategic Planning Committee/Advisory Committee

  2005 Member, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's Office of Health Care Reform, Accessible, Cost-Effective Publicly Funded Health Care Panel

  2005 Chair, Peer Consultation Workshop on Research Needs Related to the IRIS Draft Toxicological Review of Naphthalene

  2005 - 2007 Chair, National Board of Public Health Examiners

  2006 - 2007 Chair, Institute of Medicine Committee to Review the Hearing Loss Prevention Research Program of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

  2006 Chair, External Peer Review Committee of the Division of Toxicology and Environmental Medicine; Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

  2006 Chair, Workshop on Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology. Joint collaboration of the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) and the United Nations Environmental Programme, Paris, France

  2006 - Member, Institute of Medicine Committee on Evaluation of the VA's Presumptive Disability Decision-Making Process

  2006 Member, Global Environmental Outlook-4 Consultation Committee for the North America Region; United Nations Environmental Programme

  2006 Member, NIEHS Metrics Experts Panel; Batelle

  2006 - Member, Pennsylvania Economy League; Issues PA Advisory Committee on Health Care

  2007 - 2009 Chair, Standing Committee on Risk Analysis Issues and Reviews. National Academies of Science, National Research Council

  2007 - Member, Advisory Committee, United States Environmental Protection Agency Nanotechnology Project

  2007 - 2009 Chair, Institute of Medicine Interest Group on Environmental and Occupational Health and Toxicology

  2007 - Committee, International Society of Exposure Analysis Panel on Response to Disasters

  2008 Invited Participant, Partnerships for Environmental Public Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

  2008 Member, IOM EHSRT Working Group on Environmental Modeling

  2008 - Planning Committee, National Academies of Science Board on International Scientific Organizations Symposium on Geosciences and Health

  2008 - 2009 Planning Committee, International Meeting on Benzene

  2008 - Member, Union of Concerned Scientists, Scientists and Economists’ Call

  2008 - Member, Society for Risk Analysis Awards Committee

  2008 - Member, Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences

  2009 Member, Israel Environment and Health Fund Visiting Committee

  2009 Participant, International Agency for Research on Cancer and U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Meeting on Research Recommendations for Selected IARC-Classified Agents

  2009 Chair, Planning Committee, and Conference Moderator; Allegheny County Air Toxics Information Conference

  2009 Participant, Review of Human Carcinogens – Part F: Chemical Agents and Related Occupations

  2009 Member, Union of Concerned Scientists, Subcommittee on Global Climate Change (PA)

  2009 - Member, IOM EHSRT Working Group for Curriculum Development

  2009 - Member, Planning Committee, Institute of Medicine (IOM) Interest Group on Environmental & Occupational Health, Toxicology (IG14)

  2009 - Member, Public Health Laws Study – Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Subcommittee, Commonwealth of PA Joint State Government Commission

  2009 - 2010 Member; NIEHS Deputy Director Search Committee

  2010 Member, Planning Committee and Discussion Facilitator, IOM Roundtable on EHSRT Workshop of Reframing Environmental Health for the 21st Century; Session on “Extending Our Reach – Fostering Collaboration Across Domains of Environmental Health”

  2010 Chair, United Nations Environmental Program Scoping Exercise on Emerging Environmental Issues for the UNEP Yearbook, Paris, May, 2010

  2010 - Member, Regulation of Air Toxics in Allegheny County New Guidelines Proposal Committee

  2010 - Member, National Academy of Sciences Roundtable, Sustainability in the Federal Government

  2011 Member, Advisory Committee, National conference on Science Policy and the Environment, Washington, DC January 18-20, 2012

Service to Community-Based Organizations

  2007 - Member, Environmental Committee, United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh

  2007 - 2009 Member, Advisory Board, Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program

Service to Government Agencies

  2005 - External Contributor, United Nations Environment Programme Division of Early Warning and Assessment