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Bernard D. Goldstein - Publications

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals (last 7 years)

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  32. Buckner, A.V., Goldstein, B.D. Beitsch, L.M. (2017) Building resilience among disadvantaged communities: Gulf Region Health Outreach Program overview. Accepted for publication, J. Public Health Management and Practice

Other Publications

  1. Goldstein, BD. Relevance of Transparency to Sustainability and to Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale Act 13. In J.C. Dernbach & J.R. May (Eds.) Shale Gas and the Future of Energy: Law and Policy for Sustainability. Edward Elgar, London

  2. Goldstein, B. D. Development of the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute. (November 2016). Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Retired Faculty Association Newsletter. Volume 15 (4).

  3. Goldstein B.D. ( Winter 2017). New toxic chemical regulations [Invited Letter]. Issues in Science and Technology. Volume 33 (2) 8-9.

  4. Dr. Bernard Goldstein. Opinion Contributor. The HONEST Act is actually dishonest and will hurt the EPA. The Hill; April 20, 2017. Washington, DC.

  5. Goldstein BD and Berry B. Op Ed. The Big Danger of Lead Poisoning, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette April 30, 2017

  6. Dr. Bernard Goldstein. Opinion Contributor. An RX to reverse US withdrawal from the Paris climate deal. The Hill; July 14, 2017