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Bernard D. Goldstein - Presentations

Presentations (last 5 years)

  1. Goldstein, B.D., Invited Speaker: “Health Implications of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development.” AMSA Primary and Community Care Week Lectures. University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA. January 31, 2012.

  2. Goldstein, B.D. Panelist: “When Epidemiology and Toxicology Collide: Navigating the Path Forward for Formaldehyde.” 37th Annual Meeting of the Toxicology Forum. Washington, D.C. January 30 – February 2, 2012.

  3. Goldstein, B.D., Speaker: “National Academies of Science Framework for Sustainability at EPA: The Green Book.” Pitt Law Sustainability Forum: Building Sustainable Neighborhoods: Powering Sustainable Development in Allegheny County. Pittsburgh, PA. February 13, 2012.

  4. Goldstein, B.D., Keynote Speaker: “Transdisciplinary Research and Sustainability: The Story of John Snow.”Pittsburgh Regional Center for Science Teachers Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) Education Series. Pittsburgh, PA. February 29, 2012.
    Goldstein, B.D. Speaker: “Integrating Sustainability with Environmental Management.” CRESP III Planning Meeting. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, TN. March 14-15, 2012.

  5. Goldstein, B.D. and Naomi Starboin.  Speaker: “A Conversation on Analytic-Deliberative Process.” Risk Analysis and Fracking. Syracuse University. Syracuse, NY. March 20,2012.

  6. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker: “Biological Models of Leukemia/Lymphoma. Implications of the Changing Understanding and Classification of Hematological Cancer.” IARC Monographs Workshops on Tumor Concordance and Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis. International Agency for Research on Cancer. Lyon, France. April 16-18, 2012.

  7. Goldstein, B.D. Participant: “Environmental Health Issues: A Vision for the Next 25 Years.” Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institue 25th Anniversary Symposium.  Piscataway, NJ. April 20, 2012.

  8. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker: “Environmental Health Implications of Marcellus.” Marcellus Shale III Seminar.  California University of Pennsylvania.  Pittsburgh, PA. April 27, 2012.

  9. Goldstein, B.D. Panelist Speaker: “Public Health Implications of Unconventional Natural Gas Development.” American Geophysical Union Science Policy Conference. Washington, D.C. April 30-May 3, 2012.

  10. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker: “Potential Health Implications of Marcellus Shale Activities.” Public Forum on the Health Effects of Marcellus Fracking. 14th Ward Democratic Committee. Pittsburgh, PA. May 2, 2012.

  11. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker: “The Potential Public Health Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing.” Science and Management Forum: Hydrofracking in Focus, What Every Citizen Needs to Know. Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. Milbrook, NY. May 5, 2012.

  12. Goldstein, B.D. Invited Attendee. Global Sustainable Development and Environmental Health: A Conversation Around the 2010 Rio+20 United Nations Conference. PanAmerican Health Organization. Washington, DC. May 9, 2012.

  13. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker: “Public Health Implications of Marcellus Shale Activities in Pennsylvania.” Public Health Forum, 2012. Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Division of Disease Control and Health Federation of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, PA. May 22, 2012.

  14. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker: “Benzene as a Pluripotent Hematological Carcinogen.” Benzene, Childhood Leukemias and Hematopoietic Lymphoreticular Cancers Conference. Collegium Ramazzini, New York, NY. June 28, 2012.

  15. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter: “Shale Gas Drilling and Public Health.” Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas Webinar. Science Media Centre of Canada. Online. July 18, 2012.

  16. Goldstein, B.D. Invited Lecturer: “Health Considerations Related to Hydrofracturing for Shale Gas.” 13th Annual James P. Keogh, M.D. Occupational Medicine Memorial Lecture, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD. October 10, 2012.

  17. Goldstein, B.D. Introductory Remarks: “Third Annual Conference on the Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction” University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, PA. November 9, 2012.

  18. Goldstein, B.D. Invited Attendee: “Global Environmental Health and Sustainable Development Innovation Collaborative Integrating the MDGs with the Pillars and Principles of Sustainable Development” Pan American Health Organization, Washington, D.C. November 15, 2012.

  19. Goldstein, B.D. Invited Attendee. “Risk Analysis: Advancing Analysis” Society for Risk Analysis, San Francisco, CA, December 9-12, 2012.

  20. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter: “The Health Impacts of Natural Gas Drilling in Southwestern Pennsylvania” Perlman Roundtable, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, December 14, 2012.

  21. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. “The Potential Toxicological Impacts of Shale Gas Drilling: An Overview” Society of Toxicology. San Antonio, TX, March 11, 2013.

  22. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Leveraging the BP Settlement Health Outreach Program to Address Disparities in the Gulf Coast” Grant Makers in Health. Washington, D.C. April 23, 2013.
    Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. “The New NAS Gulf of Mexico Program and Related Activities” 150th Annual Meeting. National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C. April 28, 2013.

  23. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. “Does Living Near Hydrofracturing Activity Put Our Health at Risk?” Center of the American West. University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO May 21, 2013.

  24. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “The Lack of Sustainability Approach to Tight Shale Gas Production in a Developing Country: The United States as an Example” International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association. Washington, D.C. June 5, 2013.

  25. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “The Interface between Science and Public Policy: Whose Ethics is it?” American College of Epidemiology 2013 Annual Meeting. Louisville, KY. September 22, 2013.

  26. Goldstein, B.D. Panel Speaker. “Transparency, Sustainability, and Public Health: Why Act 13 is not Sustainable.” Marcellus Shale Development and Pennsylvania: What Lessons for Sustainable Energy? Widener University School of Law. Harrisburg, PA. September 27, 2013.

  27. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. “Environmental Resilience and Public Health” Think Global Act Local: Best Practices Around the World. 141st American Public Health Association Meeting and Expo. Boston, MA. November 6, 2013.

  28. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. A Celebration of the Life of Allan H. Conney. Rutgers University. New Brunswick, New Jersey. November 18, 2013.

  29. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. “The Elements of Environmental Health” Shale Drilling and Public Health: A Day of Discovery. League of Women Voters, Pittsburgh, PA. November 23, 2013

  30. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. “History of Risk and Sustainability in Decision Making for Complex Sites” Best Practices for Risk-Informed Remedy Selection, Closure, and Post-Closure Control of Contaminated Sites: Workshop #2. National Academy of Sciences. Washington, D.C. January 9, 2014.

  31. Goldstein, B.D. Panelist. “2014 Plenary Panel” Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. January 29, 2014. Mobile, AL

  32. Goldstein, B.D. Participant. “Health Registry/Surveillance System Planning Meeting”. Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project. February 3, 2014. Pittsburgh, PA.

  33. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. "Environmental Health Research and Public Policy: How Not to Have a Boring Career" Environmental and Occupational Health Department Seminar. University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA March 6, 2014

  34. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Methods Used to Classify Cancer Outcomes – Specifically
    Lymphohematopoietic Cancers”. Human cancer studies on exposure to tricholoroethylene: Methods used to assess exposure and cancer outcome. National Toxicology Program.  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Webinar. March 17, 2014.

  35. Goldstein, B.D. Panelist. “Straight Scoop on Shale”. The Future of Energy in the Americas. U.S. Department of State. League of Women Voters. Pittsburgh, PA. March 18, 2014.

  36. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Transparency, Sustainability & Public Health”. EUCE Conference on Environment & Energy A Comparison of US and EU Policies. European Union Center of Excellence. Pittsburgh, PA. March 21 & 22, 2014.

  37. Goldstein, B.D. Representative of New York University at Investiture of President of Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA. April 5, 2014.

  38. Goldstein, B.D. Invited Presentation “Mechanistic Evidence for Lymphohematopoietic (LHP) cancers Following Formaldehyde Exposure” at the US EPA National Center for Environmental Assessment  State-of-the-Science Workshop to Discuss Issues Relevant for Assessing the Health Hazards of Formaldehyde Inhalaton, Arlington, VA, April 30-May 1, 2014

  39. Goldstein, B.D. Presentation on “Public Health Implications of Unconventional Gas Drilling” at Province of New Brunswick Energy Institute Environmental Health Forum for Community Leaders” Frederickton, New Brunswick, Canada April 23, 2014

  40. Goldstein, B.D. Panelist at Province of New Brunswick Energy Institute Environmental Health “Ask the Experts” Session for Government, Frederickton, New Brunswick, Canada April 23, 2014

  41. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter: “Environmental and Public Health Implications of Shale Gas Drilling”. Province of New Brunswick Energy Institute Public Lecture Series. Moncton, New Brunswick. April 24, 2014.
    Beach, S., Schlarb, J., Goldstein, B.D. “Perceptions of Marcellus Shale (MS) drilling as economic opportunity, environmental threat, or both?  Socio-demographic profiles and relationships with environmental attitudes / behaviors in the general population and among residents of a high MS activity location” Annual Conference of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), Anaheim, CA. May 2014.

  42. Goldstein, B.D. and Carruth, R.S. Presenter. “Transparency Failures of the Third Kind in Unconventional Gas Drilling”. Arizona State University Second Annual Conference on Emerging Technologies. Scottsdale, AZ. May 23-24, 2014

  43. Goldstein, B.D. Panel Member “The ABCs of the Health Impact: What We Know, Don’t Know” at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference on Shale Oil and Gas Development. Pittsburgh, PA. June 22-24, 2014

  44. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Lessons From Putting Our Head in the Shale: Why Environmental Health Research is Necessary”. Michigan State University Center for Integrative Toxicology Department. East Lansing, MI. September 5, 2014

  45. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker and Moderator. Symposium on Health and Marcellus Shale. Baltimore, MD. September 12, 2014

  46. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Head in the Shale: A Case Study Demonstrating the Value of Environmental and Occupational Health Research”. University of Iowa. Iowa City, IA. September 19, 2014

  47. Goldstein, B.D. Keynote address. “Human Health, Public Health Practice and Community Resilience” National Academies of Science, Community Resilience and Health Opportunity Analysis Workshop. Washington, D.C. September 22, 2014.

  48. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Technology and Policy Impediments to Monitoring for the Potential Health Impact of Unconventional Gas Development”. The International Society of Exposure Science. Cincinnati, OH. October 14, 2014.

  49. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Comments on the Meaning of “…as appropriate…”.EPA IRIS Workshop on the NRC Recommendations. Arlington, VA October 15, 2014.

  50. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Evidence of the Importance of Public Health”. Northeast Epidemiology Conference. Philadelphia, PA. October 16,2014.

  51. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. Shale Drilling and Public Health: Days of Discovery; Pittsburgh, PA; October 26, 2014.

  52. Goldstein, B.D. Speaker. Jonas Salk Centenary Symposium on Sustainability Survival of the West.  Pittsburgh, PA. October 28, 2014.

  53. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “HEAD IN THE SHALE: A Case Study of Why Environmental Health Research is in Everyone’s Best Interest”. Yale School of Public Health Environmental Health Seminar Series. New Haven, CT. November 5, 2014.

  54. Goldstein, B.D. Roundtable workshop member on Environmental Health. Washington, D.C. November 10-11, 2014.

  55. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Science of Resilience and the Science of Public Health: An Excellent Match”. American Public Health Association Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA. November 18, 2014.

  56. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Improving Environmental Health Access and Literacy in the Gulf Region: Evidence-based Strategies and Illustrative Examples”. American Public Health Association Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA. November 19, 2014.

  57. Goldstein, B.D. Plenary Speaker. “Technological Advances, Risk Tradeoffs, and Societal Concerns Associated with Hydraulic Fracking”. The Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting. Denver, CO. December 7-9, 2014.

  58. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “Lessons from the Marcellus Shale: Technology Acceptance Requires Environmental Health Research”. Risk Regulation Seminar Series. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. February 3, 2015.

  59. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. Marcellus Shale Drilling. Penn Township Public Meeting on Shale Gas Drilling. Pittsburgh, PA. February 5, 2015.

  60. Goldstein, B.D. Presenter. “The Value of Transdisciplinary Research Integrating Public Health and Ecosystem Services Research”. The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Conference. Houston, TX February 18, 2015.

  61. August 9-10, 2016: Expert Panel: Training Louisiana's Middle-Skilled Workforce in Environmental Health & Disaster Management: A Roundtable on Competencies for Nursing, Oil Production, and Marine Operations. Fletcher Technical Community College; Houma, Louisiana

  62. October 18, 2016: Presentation. Environmental Justice and Citizen Science. Presented at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA.

  63. October 19, 2016: Presentation. Unconventional Shale Gas Development (UGD): Public Health Science, Policy, and Law. Presented at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA.

  64. October 21, 2016: Invited Presentation: Pipelines and Public Health: Lessons from the Deepwater Horizon and Unconventional Gas Drilling; Pipeline Safety Trust Annual Conference: Pipeline Safety in Transition: Will changes lead to safer pipelines? New Orleans, Louisiana
    October 24, 2016: Invited Participant. World Environment Center workshop on "Increasing Confidence in Chemical Technology." Washington DC

  65. November 8, 2016: Challenges to Developing and Interpreting US Public Health Data Related to Unconventional Gas Drilling (UGD). EU health of shale gas, Brussels, Belgium.

  66. November 16, 2016: Site Variability, Research, and Individual Family Risk.
    League of Women Voters Shale Gas, Pittsburgh, PA.

  67. January 10, 2017: Presentation. A Medical Scientist's Thoughts on Expert Witnessing. Presented at Evaluating Expert Witnesses: The New Daubert Standard in D.C. Superior Court. DC Bar Association, Washington, DC.

  68. January 13, 2017: Expert Panel: Training Louisiana's Middle-Skilled Workforce in Environmental Health & Disaster Management: A Roundtable on Competencies for Nursing, Oil Production, and Marine Operations. Houma, Louisiana

  69. January 23-26, 2017: Conference Organizing Committee, session organizer and chair, and presentation on A Solution-Based Integrated Approach to Community Resilience and Mental Health Care . National Council for Science and the Environment. Washington, DC

  70. April 13, 2017: Speaker; Will the Necessary Environmental Research be Supported by the Present US Administration?. 26th International Conference on Health and Environment; United Nations Headquarters, New York, New York.

  71. May 10, 2017. Presentation: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. UN Programme on Crisis Management. Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands

  72. May 10, 2017. Presentation. EU/US Policy Differences in the Beginning of the Trump Era. University of Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands

  73. June 9, 2017: Keynote Presentation. Overview of the Science of Toxic Chemicals. Symposium on Toxics in Everyday Life. UCLA Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. Los Angeles, CA

  74. June 27, 2017: Summer Speaker Series. President Trump and the Paris Agreement. World Information Transfer, New York, NY

  75. August 2-3, 2017: Panelist: Community, Decision Making and Data. Workshop on Preparing for a Rapid Response to Marine Oil and Gas Spills: A Workshop on Research Needs to Protect the Health and Well-being of Communities. National Academies of Science, Washington, DC.

  76. September 24, 2017. Invited Panel Speaker: Government Attempts to Control Information & Suppress Free Speech. American Civil Liberties Union, Pittsburgh, PA