Injury Epidemiology



The purpose of this course is to provide participants with an understanding of the data and methods which underly injury studies.

The following lectures and demonstrations provide the primary focus to the course. The lecture slides and notes are available through the links below.

Date Lectures
May 13 Injury as a Significant Public Health Issue
May 13Identifying Factors Underlying Injury
May 15History of Injury Epidemiology
May 15Disparity in the Risks of Injury
May 20Injury Surveillance
May 20Injury Data Sources
May 22Introduction to Injury Scoring Systems
May 22Measuring Injury Severity
May 27Epidemiologic Study Designs in Injury Research
May 27Before and After Study Designs in Injury Research
May 27Case-Crossover Studies
May 29Narrative Text Analysis in Injury Research
June 3Methods in Injury Research Modules
June 5Transportation Related Injuries
June 5Teenage Driver Crashes
June 10Injury Research in Highway Safety
June 10Older Driver Crashes
June 12Violence Related Injuries
June 12National Violent Death Reporting System
June 17Domestic Violence
June 19Introduction to Disaster Epidemiology
June 19Injuries in Natural Disasters

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