Oracle8 ConText Cartridge Workbench User's Guide
Release 2.3






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This manual introduces the Oracle8 ConText Cartridge Workbench components and provides a description of each, as well as any setup and usage information that is needed for each component.


This manual is intended for system administrators responsible for installing and maintaining the ConText Workbench Release 2.3.6 components. It is also intended for ConText administrators and application developers who use the ConText Workbench components to administer ConText or develop applications.


This document assumes that you have experience with the Oracle relational database management system, SQL, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, and with Web-based software such as Oracle Web Request Broker and Oracle Web Application Server. See the other documentation provided with your hardware and software for additional information.

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How This Manual Is Organized

The manual is divided into five chapters and two appendices:

Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter introduces the ConText Workbench components and provides an overview of their features.

Chapter 2: Document Viewers

This chapter describes the viewers that are contained in the ConText Workbench, and shows how they are used.

Chapter 3: Input/Output (I/O) Utility

This chapter describes the I/O utility and provides guidance for its use.

Chapter 4: CTXQUERY Forms Sample Application

This chapter presents the CTXQUERY Oracle Forms sample application.

Chapter 5: TextServer3 Dictionary Migration Tool

This chapter describes the TextServer3 Dictionary Migration Tool and provides guidance for its use.

Appendix A: Viewer Cartridge: Manual Configuration

This appendix details the manual configuration and deconfiguration procedures for the Viewer Cartridge.

Appendix B: Configuration Manager: Manual Installation and Configuration

This appendix details the manual configuration and deconfiguration procedures for the Configuration Manager.

Type Conventions

This manual adheres to the following type conventions:

Type   Meaning  


Uppercase letters indicate Oracle commands, standard database objects and constants, and standard Oracle PL/SQL procedures.  

lowercase italics  

Italics indicate variable names, names of user objects (tables, views, preferences, policies, etc.), PL/SQL parameter/argument names, and names of example PL/SQL procedures.

Italics also indicate emphasis.  


Monospace type indicates example SQL*Plus commands and example PL/SQL code. Type in the command or code exactly as it appears.  

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