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Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski

Email address: renate+@pitt.edu

I received my PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures at Princeton University. As a specialist in medieval French literature I have varied research interests: I studied the history of Caesarean birth for my book Not of Woman Born (1990); I have worked on saints lives and particularly on holy women in the later middle ages. I am currently interested in the literature surrounding the Great Schism of the Western Church (1378 - 1417). Other major areas of interest are the role the classical heritage plays in medieval culture (a topic I investigated in Reading Myth [1997] and many articles) and Christine de Pizan (1364-1431), the first professional woman writer in Europe. I have taught graduate courses on these topics and have also offered undergraduate courses on medieval and Renaissance literature. I also include writers from this period in my course "Women's Voices in French Literature."

Here are the books I have written or edited. To learn more about one of them, click on the cover.

Not of Woman

The Writings of
Margaret of Oingt

Images of Sainthood
in Medieval Europe

The Selected Writings of
Christine de Pizan

Reading Myth - Classical
Mythology and Its Interpretations in
Medieval French Literature

The Politics of Translation
in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Translatio Studii
Essays by His Students in Honor
of Karl D. Uitti
for His Sixty-Fifth Birthday

The Vernacular Spirit
Essays on Medieval Religious

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