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center publications

One of the ways in which the Center promotes the philosophy and history of science and related disciplines is through its various publications series. The center publications are the responsibility of the center's editorial committee, which consists of the following persons: John Earman, Adolf Grünbaum, Laurens Laudan, Gerald Massey, Ted McGuire, and Nicholas Rescher. Many of the center's volumes grow out of such center activities as the Annual Lecture Series, the Pittsburgh-Konstanz Colloquium, and sundry conferences and workshops. The various center publication series are listed below. Click for more information and lists of titles.

::: University of Pittsburgh Series
     in the Philosophy of Science

::: Pittsburgh Series in Philosophy
     and History of Science

::: Center for Philosophy of Science Publications
     in Philosophy of Science

::: Pittsburgh-Konstanz Series in the Philosophy
     and History of Science

::: philsci-archive

::: Thought Experiments in Science and Philosophy      now available online


philsci-archive is a preprint server for papers in philosophy of science. It is offered as a free service to the philosophy of science community with the goal of promoting communication in the field by the rapid dissemination of new work.

::: philsci-archive.pitt.edu


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