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other conferences , 2002-03

Fourth Athens-Pittsburgh Symposium
::: Proof & Demonstration in Philosophy and Science
1-6 June 2003
Delphi, Greece

Forum: Seeing Yourself See
co-sponsored by the Center
Site: Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA
29 September 2002

Led by guest speakers from a variety of disciplines, this engaging forum explored the intersection of perception and light in the work of James Turrell and the visual arts.

Objects, Light, and Self
Peter Machamer
University of Pittsburgh

Embodied Light: Visions and Reality
Sidney Perkowitz, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Physics
Emory University

Art Into Light: Turner to Turrell
Terry Smith, Andrew W. Mellon Professor
of Contemporary Art History and Theory
University of Pittsburgh

The 6th Pittsburgh-Konstanz Colloquium
::: Science, Values, and Objectivity
3-6 October 2002
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Representing Genes, First Workshop
Site: University of Pittsburgh
::: 17-19 January 2003
Paul Griffiths, Investigator & Karola Stotz, Research Assistant

HPS Lecture
Einstein Between Mozart and Schopenhauer
co-sponsored by the Center
Michel Janssen
University of Minnesota
Site: University of Pittsburgh
21 March 2003

Adolffest - Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Adolf Grünbaum
Site: University of Pittsburgh
::: 12 April 2003

Bayer Science of Sound Lecture
Co-sponsored by the Center
Site: Carnegie Museum of Art Lecture Hall, Oakland, PA
14 April 2003
Presentation: From the Science of Light to the Science of Music: A Personal Odyssey
Bell Yung, Professor of Music, Director, Asian Studies Center University of Pittsburgh

A Memorial Conference for Rob Clifton (1964 – 2002)
New Directions in the Foundations of Physics
Site: American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD
2-4 May 2003

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