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Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation:
A Challenge to Philosophy of Science

Friday-Sunday, 15-17 October 2010
Center for Philosophy of Science
817 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Everyone welcome. Registration is requested but not required.
To register, please contact

     Friday Morning      










Continental Breakfast
Opening Ceremonies
Allan Franklin
, University of Colorado, Keynote Speaker
Experiment, Then and Now

Statistical Inferences in Experiments Revisited
Chair: Deborah Mayo, Virginia Tech

Samuel Schindler, University of Konstanz
The Conundrum of Data Reliability

Slobodan Perovic, University of Belgrade
The Theory-ladenness in the Experimental Context

Roger Stanev, University of British Columbia
Statistical Evidence and the Conduct of Clinical Trials: A Challenge to Philosophies of Statistics


     Friday Afternoon     







Philosophy of Experimentation: New Challenges and Approaches
Chair: Ronald Laymon, Ohio State University

Deborah Mayo,Virginia Tech
Solving Duhem’s Problem: What Might a General Experimentalist Approach Look Like?

Edouard Machery, University of Pittsburgh
Can the Null be Accepted?


Tobias Breidenmoser, University of Rostock
The Microtrabecular Lattice, an Epistemology of Scientific Experimentation and the Concept of Robustness

     Saturday Morning     










Continental Breakfast
Marcel Weber, University of Konstanz
Keynote Speaker

Modeling and Experimenting
Chair: Edouard Machery, University of Pittsburgh

Ronald Giere, University of Minnesota
Testing Theoretical Models


Andrea Loettgers
, Caltech
Tarja Knuuttila, University of Helsinki
Modeling and Experimenting: The Combinatorial Strategy in Synthetic Biology

Alan Love
, University of Minnesota
Modeling Experimental Evidence in Developmental Biology: In Situ Hybridization and Serial Idealization


     Saturday Afternoon      






Rethinking the Role of Experiments I
Chair: Paul Teller, University of California, Davis

Uljana Feest, TU Berlin
Experimentation and the Skeptical Challenge: The Role of Methodological Maxims

Bert Leuridan, Ghent University
Selective Experiments as a Middle Course Between Manipulative Experiments and Prospective Designs


William Kallfelz, New Mexico State University
Clifford Algebraic Computational Fluid Dynamics: A New Class of Experiments

     Sunday Morning     


Continental Breakfast


Rethinking the Role of Experiments II
Chair: Samuel Schindler, University of Konstanz


Matthew J. Brown, University of Texas, Dallas
From the Experimenter’s Regress to Evidence-Based Policy: The Functional Complexity of Scientific Evidence


Ioannis Votsis, Philosophisches Institut
University of Düsseldorf
The Logic of Crucial Experiments




Chair: Slobodan Perovic, University of Belgrade


Jacob Stegenga, University of California, San Diego
Varieties of Evidential Experience


Romina Zuppone, University of Buenos Aires - Cancelled
The Many Senses of the Dictum: Experiment Has a Life of Its Own

Program Committee

Slobodan Perovic, University of Belgrade
Allan Franklin, University of Colorado
John D. Norton, University of Pittsburgh
Wendy Parker, Ohio University
Marcel Weber, University of Konstanz


Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh
Generous financial support for this conference has been provided by
the Harvey and Leslie Wagner Endowment.

Revised 10/12/10 - Copyright 2010