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Early Modern Medicine and Natural Philosophy

Friday - Sunday, 2-4 November 2012
Center for Philosophy of Science
817 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA

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Advance registration is appreciated. Please email pittcntr@pitt.edu to register.






Session: Integrating Studies of Medicine and Philosophy in Early Modernity
Chair: Benjamin Goldberg, East Tennessee State University

1. The Aristotelian Problemata and Late-Renaissance Medical Philosophy. Craig Martin, Oakland University

2. Galenism in the seventeenth century. Gideon Manning, Caltech


coffee break


Session: Surgeons and Clinicians: Changing Medical Epistemologies
Chair: Kathryn Tabb, University of Pittsburgh

1. The Practical Intellect: Some Contributions of Renaissance Surgeons. Cynthia Klestinec, Miami University (Ohio)

2. Scepticism and the Clinical Anecdote. Alan Salter, University of Sydney


coffee break


Session: Disciplines in the Making: Biology and Pathology
Chair: James Lennox, University of Pittsburgh

1. Epigenesis and/as Spinozism in Diderot’s biological project. Charles Wolfe, Ghent University

2. Who Was the Vesalius of Pathology?. Domenico Bertoloni Meli, Indiana University Bloomington







continental breakfast


Session: The Matter of Life
Chair: Dániel Margócsy, Hunter College, CUNY

1. Transplantation and Corpuscular Identity in Paracelsian Vital Philosophy. Jole Shackelford, University of Minnesota

2. Mysteries of Living Corpuscles: Atomism and the Origin of Life in Sennert, Gassendi and Kircher. Hiro Hirai, Radboud University


coffee break


Session: Humors and Spirits
Chair: Peter Distelzweig, University of Pittsburgh

1. Why All This Jelly? Jacopo Zabarella, Hieronymus Fabricius ab Aquapendente, and Julius Casserius on the Usefulness of the Vitreous Humor. Tawrin Baker, Indiana University Bloomington

2. Louis de la Forge on the generation and function of animal spirits. Patricia Easton, Claremont Graduate University


two hour lunch on your own


Session: Anatomy between Experiment and Theory
Chair:  Marcus Adams, University of Pittsburgh

1. A Tale of Two Anatomies: William Harvey and Philosophical Anatomy. Benjamin Goldberg, East Tennessee State University

2. A Mutual Divide: Experimental Anatomists vs. Speculative Cartesians in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Medicine. Evan Ragland, University of Alabama Huntsville Presented by Joel Klein, Indiana University Bloomington


coffee break


Session: Influences on Boyle's Medical Project
Chair: Ashley Inglehart, Indiana University Bloomington

1. Medicine, Philosophy and the Scientific Revolution. Dolores Iorizzo, University College London

2. Rethinking Robert Boyle's Medical Agenda: The Influence of Lady Katherine Ranelagh. Michelle DiMeo, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

3. Life and active principles in Robert Boyle’s physiology. Antonio Clericuzio, University of Cassino Cancelled






continental breakfast


Session: Mechanism and Mechanics
Chair: Allen Shotwell, Indiana University Bloomington

1. ‘Mechanics’ in Harvey’s Anatomy: its varieties and limits. Peter Distelzweig, University of Pittsburgh

2. Perrault, Duverney, and Animal Mechanics. Anita Guerrini, Oregon State University




Session: Health, Medicine, and Philosophy
Chair: Peter Machamer, University of Pittsburgh

1. G. W. Leibniz and Early Modern Medical Eudaimonism. Justin E. H. Smith, Concordia University, Montreal

2. Mechanistic psychosomatics: the effects of the passions on health. Dennis Des Chene, Washington University, St. Louis





Marcus Adams (University of Pittsburgh)
Cameron Brown (Concordia University, Montreal)
Ashley Inglehart (Indiana University Bloomington)
Joel Klein (Indiana University Bloomington)
Juhana Lemetti (University of Helsinki)
Dániel Margócsy (Hunter College, CUNY)
John McCaskey (Stanford University)
Kristin Primus (Princeton University)
Marco Sgarbi (Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies)
Allen Shotwell (Indiana University Bloomington)
Richard Spiegel (McGill University)
Ian Stewart (University of Kings College)
Kathryn Tabb (University of Pittsburgh)

Organizing Committee

James Lennox (University of Pittsburgh)
Domenico Bertoloni Meli (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Charles Wolfe (Ghent University)
Dennis Looney (University of Pittsburgh)
Peter Distelzweig (University of Pittsburgh)
Benjamin Goldberg (East Tennessee State University)


Center for Philosophy of Science (University of Pittsburgh)
Humanities Center (University of Pittsburgh)
A.W. Mellon Foundation
World History Center (University of Pittsburgh)
Department of History and Philosophy of Science (University of Pittsburgh)
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program (University of Pittsburgh)
Department of History and Philosophy of Science (Indiana University, Bloomington)

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