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lunchtime colloquium 2002-03 and other talks

13 September 2002
On a Common Fallacy in Analytic Philosophy of Science
Nicholas Rescher, University of Pittsburgh

17September 2002
Wittgenstein and Neo-Kantian Philosophy of Science
Andreas Blank, Free University, Germany

20 September 2002
What Interpretation Might Be
John Roberts, University of North Carolina

24September 2002
Hume's Perceptions
Donald Ainslie, University of Toronto

27 September 2002
Leibnizian Simultaneity and Locality
Phil Dowe, University of Tasmania

15 October 2002
Entropy and Levels of Description
Janneke van Lith, Utrecht University

18 October 2002
Skeptical Challenges to Self-consciousness
Drakoulis Nikolinakos, University of Athens

22 October 2002
Is Science Representation? Some Reflections on Bas van Fraassen's Empiricism
Demetra Sfendoni-Mentzou, University of Thessaloniki

1 November 2002
The Cognitive Turn in Philosophy of Science: Naturalism, Realism, and Unitarianism
Daniel Andler, Université of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)/École Normale Supérieure

15 November 2002
Rehabilitating Enumerative Induction
John Norton, University of Pittsburgh

19 November 2002
The Protocol and the Purpose:Medical Communication and Medical Massification
Joan Leach, University of Pittsburgh

22 November 2002
Prospects for Discovering Gene Regulatory Networks
Peter Spirtes, Carnegie Mellon University

3 December 2002
The Electrophysiological Basis of Pattern Separation in the Area Ca3 of the Hippocampus
Germán Barrionuevo, University of Pittsburgh

14 January 2003
What EEGs Really Do
Thomas Forster, University of Cambridge

24 January 2003
Science and Common Sense
Nicholas Rescher, University of Pittsburgh

28 January 2003
Representation in Scientific Modelling
Daniela Bailer-Jones, University of Bonn

31 January 2003
American Morphology and American Pragmatists:
The Development of a Pragmatic Biology

Keith Benson, National Science Foundation

4 February 2003
Copernicus Revisited
Bernard R. Goldstein, University of Pittsburgh

7 February 2003
On Questions and Dialogues: Formal Explications of Their Dynamics
Joke Meheus, Ghent University, Belgium

February 11, 2003
Reasoning about Virtual Identities
Thomas Forster, University of Cambridge

14 February 2003
Appraisal and Machiavellian Emotion
Paul Griffiths, University of Pittsburgh

18 February 2003
On Becoming a Molecular Biologist: Dr. Francis Crick's Early Career
Robert Olby, University of Pittsburgh

February 25, 2003
"Brownshirt Biology" and "American Behaviorism": Instinct in the '50s
Paul Griffiths, University of Pittsburgh

11 March 2003
The Conception of Matter in Leibniz's Hypothesis physica nova
Andreas Blank, Free University, Germany

18 March 2003
Bettering Cabernet: Science, Tradition, and Money
in the French Campaign to Eradicate Hybrid Wine Grape Research

George Gale, University of Missouri, Kansas City

21 March 2003
How to Choose a Logic for Confused Concepts
Joe Camp, University of Pittsburgh

1 April 2003
Science as a Guide to Metaphysics?
Katherine Hawley, University of St. Andrews

8 April 2003
Kinds, Consilience and Causality in Whewell's Philosophy of Science
Laura J. Snyder, St. John's University

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