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visiting fellows program

Fine print

Visiting Fellows must have a doctoral degree. It is expected that the doctorate will be in philosophy or history and philosophy of science; or that the applicant has an established position in the professional community of philosophy of science. In special cases, the Center will consider applications from doctorates in other fields, although such applicants are advised that they have a smaller chance of acceptance.

The Center expects a Visiting Fellow's research to be supported by his or her own university, or by a foundation or governmental agency. The stipend is intended to defray extra costs of dislocation.

The Center’s academic terms are Fall (September 1 – December 31) and Spring (January 1 – April 30); and the two-term academic year comprises the Fall and Spring terms. The Center discourages visits for periods other than a whole term or the two-term academic year. Under prior written arrangements, Visiting Fellows may remain in residence into the summer months, although the Center is then no longer able to provide a stipend or office support. Special arrangements can be made for scholars who wish to work in the Archives of Scientific Philosophy during the summer.

Returning Fellows Policy: A Center Fellow can visit the Center for at most two semesters every ten years. In other words, after your first semester-long Fellowship, you can spend another semester as a Center Fellow in the ten years following.  If you have spent an academic year at the Center, you have to wait ten years to revisit the Center as a Fellow.  (After ten years, the clock is reset to zero.)

A sense of humor is encouraged but not required.

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