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Paulo Abrantes
University of Brasilia
Academic Year 1994-95

August 2010
Paulo organized a collection of papers in the philosophy of biology written by various Latin American philosophers and biologists (coming out in September 2010). This collection spans the main topics that are being currently pursued in the philosophy of biology. It will be published initially in Portuguese (a Spanish version is under consideration). Paulo co-authored a paper on Richerson and Boyd’s dual inheritance theory of human evolution. The preliminary results of this research was presented in the 2008 Fellows' Conference, and the 2007 and the 2009 ISHPSSB Conferences, among others.
This collection is the output of a group of Latin American philosophers of biology that was created in 2006. Those interested in the activities of the group may refer to the blog: http://grupodebogota.wordpress.com/

Paulo will be publishing two other papers forthcoming in 2010:
- "The philosophical image of human agency and the evolution in the hominid lineage" (in Spanish).
- “Methodological issues in the dual inheritance account of human evolution”(in English).
Paulo also co-authored a paper published in 2009:
Abrantes, P.; El-Hani, C. "Gould, Hull and the individuation of scientific theories". Foundations of Science, v. 14, n. 4, p. 295-313, novembro, 2009.

August 2016
Paulo Abrantes recently published two books: Method and Science: a philosophical approach (BH: Fino Traço, 2014) and Images of nature, Images of science (RJ: EdUERJ, 2016). The latter is the second edition, revised and significantly extended, of his 1998 book on the history of science. The former is a book on the philosophy of science, focused on methodological topics. They have both been published in Portuguese.

Paulo also organized a multilingual special issue on Human evolution of a Brazilian journal, Ciência & Ambiente (vol. 48, 2014). He contributed with two papers for this issue: "Nature and Culture" and "Conflict and cooperation and in human evolution".


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