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Mitchell S. Green
University of Virginia, USA
Academic Year 1997-98
Baysian Decision Theory and Belief/Desire Psychology

June 2011
*Appointed NEH/Horace Goldsmith Distinguished Teaching Professor at U.Va. for 2009-12.
*Awarded NSF grant (#0925975) for the project "Expression, Communication and the Origins of Meaning," for 2009-12. (Co-PI with Dorit Bar-On, UNC.) *Awarded NEH Grant for 2011 to convene Epic Questions: Mind, Meaning and Morality, a summer program for high school teachers interested in bringing philosophy into their classrooms.
*Director of Project High-Phi (www.high-phi.org), which supports philosophical inquiry in American high schools.
*‘Perceiving Emotions,’ appeared in the _Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume_, vol. 89 (2010).
*_Self-Expression_ (Oxford: Clarendon), appeared in paperback in 2011.
*‘Showing and Meaning: How We Make Our Ideas Clear,’ appeared in _Meaning and Analysis: New Essays on H.P. Grice_, edited by K. Petrus (Palgrave MacMillan, 2010).
*‘Lionspeak: Expression, Meaning and Communication,’ with D. Bar-On, in E. Rubenstein (ed.) _Self, Language and World_ (Ridgeview, 2010).
*‘Moore’s Paradox, Truth and Accuracy: A Reply to Lawlor and Perry’ (with J. Williams) _Acta Analytica (2011)_.
*‘Representing the Humanities,’ invited presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Council of Learned Societies, Washington, D.C., May, 2011.
*‘Organic Meaning,’ invited keynote address to the North Carolina Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, April, 2011.
*'Literary Cognitivism Meets Social Psychology,' invited presentation at the University of London and University of Potsdam, June, 2011.

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