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Vladislav Lektorsky
Epistemology Center of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Science, Russia
Fall Term 1995

June 2011
Recently two books under my editorship (and with my participation as an author) appeared: New horizons of Epistemology, 2010 and Natural and Artificial Intelligence: Philosophical Perspectives, 2011 (in Russian).
At the end of 2009 an article, which was important for me, was published: “Questions in Philosophy, Science and Education,” In: The Socratic Tradition: Questioning as Philosophy and as Method, Ed. M. Sintonen. College Publications. Milton Keynes. UK. 2009. Pp, 157-167.
In September 2010 I gave a paper at the meeting of the International Institute of Philosophy (Paris): World Unity and Cultural Diversity (to be published in English).
In October 2010 at the University of Helsinki I gave a paper on “The Activity Approach in Russian Philosophy and Psychology in the second half of the XXth Century” (to be published in English).
In April 2011 I was elected a titular member of Academie Internationale de la Philosophie de la science (Brussels).
Areas of current research: epistemology and cognitive science; philosophy of psychology; Activity Approach in Russian philosophy and psychology, and the current stage in Cognitive Science: “embodied cognition”, “extended mind”.

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