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Jesús Mosterin
University of Barcelona
Academic Year 1996-97
Reliability of Cosmolical Models

2014 Update

Some books:
El reino de los animales [The Kindom of Animals], Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 2013.
Ciencia, filosofía y racionalidad [Science, philosophy, and rationality], Barcelona: Gedisa, 2013.

Some papers:
“Neural reality and social convention: do they overlap?” Annals of The New York Academy Of Sciences, volume 1299, Issue 1, September 2013, pp. 91–97. 
“Le principe anthropique”. In C. Baudouin and O. Brosseau, Enquête sur les créationnismes. Paris: Éditions Belin, 2013.

Some lectures:
“Desarrollo intelectual”. Facultad de Filosofía de la Universidad de Salamanca. 16 April 2013.
“Logical check-up of the anthropic, multiversal and fine-tuning arguments in cosmology”. Symposium on Anthropics: Selection Effects and Fine Tuning in Cosmology at Oxford University, 2-5 December 2013.

2013 Update

Some books:
Epistemología y racionalidad (3rd edition). Lima: Fondo Editorial UIGV, 2011. 376 pp.
El islam: Historia del pensamiento. Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 2012. 403 pp.

Some papers:
“The role of consistency in empirical science”. Manuscrito (Campinas, Brasil), vol. 34, June 2011, pp. 293-306.
Review of P. M. S. Hacker, Human Nature: The Categorial Framework, Wiley-Blackwell. Pragmatics & Cognition, 19: 1. John Benjamin Publ. Co, 2011.
“Formal and material aspects of rationality”. In Lektorsky and Guseynov (eds.), Rationality and its Limits. Institute of Philosophy. Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, 2012, pp. 119-136.

Some lectures:
“What do cosmological models represent and how do they explain?” Symposium of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science on Representation and Explanation in the Sciences. Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), 25-28 April 2011. 
“Empirical science and speculation in contemporary cosmology”. ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) Meeting of the Astronomy RAD. Atacama (Chile), 25 October 2011.
 “El bosón de Higgs y la fiabilidad de la ciencia”. IV Congreso Iberoamericano de Filosofía. Santiago de Chile, 7 November 2012.
Honorary degree:
7 September 2011. Doctor honoris causa by the University of Arequipa.

August 2010
Among my academic activities in the last 12 months, I would mention: the lecture “Form, Information and the Ontology of Culture” at the Congress of the Institut International de Philosophie (IIP) in Coimbra (Portugal) on September 10, 2009; the seminar at the Center for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science of the State University of Campinas  (UNICAMP) in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on December 2-5, 2009; and the eleven-lecture international course on Formal Sciences at the Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (Lima, Peru) on April 12-16, 2010.
Among my recent publications are the papers “Social factors in the development of genetics and the Lysenko Affair” (In E. Agazzi and others (Eds.), Epistemology and the Social, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2008, pp. 143-155) and “Rescher’s evolutionary epistemology” (in Robert Almeder (ed.), Rescher Studies, Heusenstamm: Ontos, 2008, pp. 241-253). This last paper is especially relevant here, as it concerns the Center Co-Chairman Nicholas Rescher. My last books in Spanish include: Lo mejor posible: Racionalidad y acción humana. Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 2008. La cultura humana. Madrid: Espasa-Calpe, 2009. Finally, Los cristianos: Historia del pensamiento. Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 2010.

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