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Lisa Osbeck
University of Nottingham, England
Academic Year 1999-2000

University of West Georgia

Lisa Osbeck has been promoted to full professor at the University of West Georgia and was nominated for Fellow of the American Psychological Association through the Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology. 
Recent research activity includes the following:

Osbeck, L., Nersessian, N., Malone, K., & Newstetter, W. (2011).  Science as psychology: sense-making and identity in science practice.  New York: Cambridge University Press.

Articles and Chapters
Osbeck, L. (2010).  The critical place of personalism:  Comments on Stern and the special issue.  New Ideas in Psychology, 28 (2), 191-198.
Osbeck, L. & Nersessian, N.J. (2010): Affective Problem Solving: Emotions in Research Practice, Mind and Society, 9:2.
Osbeck, L. & Nersessian, N.  (2010). Forms of positioning in interdisciplinary science practice and their epistemic effects.  Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 40 (2), 136-161.
Chandrasekharan, S. and Osbeck, L. (2010).    Rethinking Situatedness: Environment structure in the time of the common code.  Theory and Psychology, 20 (2), 171-207.
Machamer, P. & Osbeck, L. (Forthcoming).  Activity, perception, and reference. In P.K. Machamer & Anthanasios Raftopoulos (Eds.). Perception, realism and the problem of reference.  Cambridge University Press.
Osbeck, L. & Nersessian, N. (Forthcoming).  The acting person in science studies.  In R. Proctor and J. Capaldi (Eds), Psychology of science:  Implicit and explicit reasoning.  Contracted, Oxford University Press. (R)
Osbeck, L. & Nersessian, N. The acting person in science studies.  Invited address for the Second Purdue Symposium on Psychological Science, Psychology of science: implicit and explicit reasoning.  Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, June, 2010.
Osbeck, L.  The function of emotional expression in laboratory life.  Paper presented for the second mid-winter meeting of the Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, APA Division24, Miami, FL, February, 2010.


Recent publications:

Osbeck, L., & Held, B. (2014) (Eds).  Rational intuition: Philosophical roots, scientific investigations.  New York: Cambridge University Press. 

Osbeck, L. (2015). Pragmatism in the clinic:  A review of “A Metaphysics of Psychopathology” by Peter Zachar. PsycCritiques, 60(1), Article 7

Malone, K., & Osbeck, L. (2015).  Allies in interdisciplinary spaces: Theoretical psychology and science studies.  In J. Martin, J. Sugarman, & K. Slaney (Eds.), The Wiley handbook of theoretical and philosophical psychology: Methods, approaches, and new directions for social sciences, pp. 327-342. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

Osbeck, L. (2014). Scientific reasoning as sense-making: Implications for qualitative inquiry.  Qualitative Psychology, 1(1), 34-46.


 Arthur W. Staats Lecture for Unifying Psychology, 2015, American Psychological Foundation (lecture scheduled August, 2016).

Relevant publications:
 Osbeck, L.  (2016) Emotion and scientific reasoning.  In Miller, H. (Ed.), SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Psychology (Sage). 

Osbeck, L. & Nersessian, N. (2015).  Prolegomena to an empirical philosophy of science.  In S. Wagenknecht, N.J. Nersessian, & H. Andersen (Eds.).  Empirical philosophy of science: Introducing qualitative methods into the philosophy of science, pp.13-35.  Springer International Publishing.

Invited Addresses:
 Osbeck, L. Sediments, impediments, and curtailments.  Invited symposium, “Theorizing the Future of Theoretical Psychology,” for the bi-annual meeting of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology, Coventry, England, UK, June, 2015

Osbeck, L. Psychological studies of science:  Who, how, what, and why.  Invited lecture for departmental seminar, department of psychology, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, March, 2015.


Lisa published "Epistemic Identities in Interdisciplinary Science" in Perspectives on Science, co-authored with Nancy Nersessian, and gave the annual Arthur J. Staats Lecture for Unifying Psychology, sponsored by the American Psychological Foundation at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association. 

She gave four additional addresses and worked on a book manuscript on values and psychological science contracted with Cambridge University Press.  She was awarded Fellow status in two additional divisions of the American Psychological Association:  the Society for General Psychology and the Society for Quantitative and Qualitative Methods.



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