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visiting fellows, 2004-05

::: Anjan Chakravartty
University of Toronto, Canada  fall
Foundations of Scientific Realism:
Structuralism, Causation, Laws, and Kinds

::: Jason Grossman
University of Sydney, Australia  fall
Why Bayesian Statistical Inference is Nearly Right

::: Dominic Murphy
California Inst. of Technology, USA  fall
The Significance of Introspection

::: Laura Perini
Virginia Tech, USA  fall
Pictorial Evidence: Naturalism and Convention

::: Tomasz Placek
Jagiellonian University, Poland  academic year
Branching Space-Times

::: Oron Shagrir
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel  fall
Varieties of Computation:
Effective Computation in the 1930s

::: Daniel Steel
Michigan State University, USA  spring
Causality and Heterogeneity:
Extrapolation in Biology and Social Science

::: Martin Thomson-Jones
Oberlin College, USA  spring
Things and Their Properties:
The Metaphysics of Quantum Theory

::: Jos Uffink
Utrecht University, the Netherlands  fall
Entropy, Entanglement and Irreversibility:
Foundations of Thermodynamics,
Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Theory

::: António Zilhão
Lisbon University, Portugal  spring
Weakness of the Will and Fast and Frugal Heuristics

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