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António Zilhão
Lisbon University, Portugal
Spring Term 2005
Weakness of the Will and Fast and Frugal Heuristics

July 2007
I. Teaching, Lecturing and Conferences.

2005 August 2,3,4,5
Taught an intensive 12 hour post-graduate course on the topic “Action, Explanation and Rationality” at the Philosophy Department of the Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBa) in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

2005 August 8
Invited speaker at the IV. Principia International Symposium – Hommage to Donald Davidson ( Florianopolis – Santa Catarina – Brazil).

Winter Semester 2005/2006
Taught the subjects Logic and Twentieth Century Philosophy at my home university ( University of Lisbon).

Spring Semester 2006
Taught the subjects Advanced Logic and Theory of Inductive Reasoning at my home University in Lisbon.

2006 April 28
Invited to deliver one of the Communication, Language and Cognition Lectures at the New University in Lisbon.

2006 June 6
Invited lecturer at the Oporto University in Portugal.

2006 July 15
Invited to give a talk on Abel Salazar, the Professor at the Oporto Medical School that first introduced the ideas of logical empiricism in Portugal in the 1930s, at the Lisbon Cultural Center. The title of this talk was: “Abel Salazar: A Peripheric and Unlikely Antecessor of Contemporary Naturalism”.

2006 October 19
Invited lecturer at the Universidade São Judas Tadeu (USJT) in São Paulo, Brazil.

2006 October 20
Invited lecturer at the Universidade de São Paulo (USP) in São Paulo, Brazil.

2006 October 25
Invited to read a paper at the XII. ANPOF National Meeting in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Winter Semester 2006/2007
Taught the subjects Logic and Contemporary Philosophy of Science at my home University in Lisbon.

2006 December 1
Read a paper at the V. Congress of the Sociedad de Lógica, Metodología y Filosofía de la Ciencia en España, in Granada, Spain .

2006 December 15
Invited lecturer at the University of Oporto in Portugal.

2007 January 12-14
Co-organizer with Prof. Stephen Laurence ( Sheffield University – United Kingdom) of and participant at the workshop Folk-Psychology & Folk-Epistemics. This workshop was part of the AHRC research project Culture & the Mind and took place in Portugal at the Caparide Centre of the Ministry of Education. About 35 participants from different universities in the UK (Sheffield, Oxford, London School of Economics, Liverpool, Belfast), USA (Rutgers, Michigan, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Emory, Davis, UCLA), Italy (Trieste), France (École Normale Supérieure de Paris), Hungary (Budapest) and Portugal (Lisbon and Oporto), took part in it.

Spring Semester 2007
Taught the subject Philosophy of Language and a Seminar on Wittgenstein’s Philosophische Untersuchungen at my home University in Lisbon.

2007 March 10
Invited to give the talk “Abel Salazar: A Peripheric and Unlikely Antecessor of Contemporary Naturalism”, at the Figueira da Foz Cultural Center in Portugal.

II. Publications
1. “Are Our Brains Subcutaneous Machines of Truth-Optimization?” in Abstracta, 1,2,2005, pp. 125-144. Online in: http://www.abstracta.pro.br/revista/Number2/v1n2a1zilh%E3o.pdf

2. “The Pertinence of Incontinence” in Principia, 9, 1-2, 2005, pp. 193-211. Online in: http://www.cfh.ufsc.br/~principi/p912-10.pdf

3. Evolution, Rationality and Cognition – A Cognitive Science for the Twenty-First Century. Routledge, London, 2005.

4. “Abdução”, “Agência”, ”Argumento Ontológico”, “Argumento por Analogia”, “Behaviorismo”, “Dilema do Prisioneiro”, “Disposição”, “Dualismo”, Exteriorização/Comunicação”, “Fisicalismo”, “Funcionalismo”, “Implicação Existencial”, “Leis Ceteris Paribus”, “Linguagem do Pensamento”, “Linguagem Privada (Argumento da)”, “Mente-Corpo (Problema da)”, “Monismo”, “Ramseyficação”, “Sobreveniência”, “Teoria da Decisão” in Branquinho, J., Murcho, D. e Gomes, N.G. (eds.), Enciclopédia de Termos Lógico-Filosóficos. São Paulo – Brazil: Martins Fontes, 2006.

5. “Incontinence, Fast and Frugal Heuristics and Probability Matching” in Manrique, F.M. y Peris-Viñé, L.M. (eds.): Actas del V Congreso de la Sociedad de Lógica, Metodología y Filosofía de la Ciencia en España – Granada, 29 Noviembre – 1 Diciembre 2006. Granada, Spain: Ediciones Sider, 2006, pp. 242-246.

6. “Teorema de Bayes, Quantificação da Confirmação de uma Hipótese pela Evidência e Actualização de Crenças” in Feijó, A.M. e Tamen, M. (orgs.), A Teoria do Programa – Uma Homenagem a Maria de Lourdes Ferraz e M.S. Lourenço. Lisboa: Universidade de Lisboa, 2007, pp. 223-243.

7. Do Círculo de Viena à Filosofia Analítica Contemporânea. Viana do Castelo: Livros da Areia Editores, 2007.


Spring 2006
António Zilhão is Professor of Logic and Philosophy at the University of Lisbon in Portugal. He earned his PhD degree at King's College London. He has published on different topics, including logic, Frege's conception of number, the nature of language and thought, decision theory and folk-psychology, radical translation and radical interpretation, the Vienna Circle and Wittgenstein. He is currently pursuing another of his interests, namely, the study of rationality assumptions underlying different models of action explanation. In the course of this study, he became interested in fast and frugal heuristics and adaptive toolboxes. He has been attempting to provide an account of the so-called 'problem of weakness of the will' within this framework. At the same time, he is also working on ways to reconcile the concept of scientific explanation with actual psychological explanation. Outside of philosophy, he has been raising a family and playing soccer every Saturday morning for the last 15 years. He also enjoys driving out of town and finding nice places for walking, swimming, and eating.

May 2012

1. Animal Racional ou Bípede Implume? – Um Ensaio sobre Acção,
Explicação e Racionalidade. Lisboa: Guerra e Paz, 2010.
2. Pensar com Risco – 25 Lições de Lógica Indutiva. Lisboa: Imprensa
Nacional – Casa da Moeda, 2010.


1. “Incontinence, Honouring Sunk Costs, and Rationality” in Suaréz, M., Dorato, M. & Rédei, M. (eds.): Philosophical Issues in the Sciences – Vol.
2. Heidelberg: Springer, 2010, pp. 303-310.

2. “What does it mean to be a Naturalist in the Human and Social Sciences? A Comment on Daniel Andler’s “Is Naturalism the Unsurpassable Philosophy for the Sciences of Man in the Twenty-First Century?”” in Stadler, F. (ed.): The Present Situation in Philosophy of Science. Heidelberg: Springer, 2010, pp.

3. “Efeito dos Custos Afundados, Incontinência e Racionalidade” in Salles, J. C. (org.): Empirismo e Gramática. Salvador (BA) - Brazil: Quarteto Editora, 2010, pp. 43-57.

4. “Acção, Decisão e Explicação da Acção” in Cadilha, S. & Miguéns, S.
(coord.): Acção e Ética – Conversas sobre Racionalidade Prática. Lisboa:
Edições Colibri, 2011, pp. 97-142.

Besides having published the items above, it may also be of interest to the CPS community the fact that I spent part of the winter semester 2011-2012 in London as a visiting professor at King's College London (KCL).

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