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Tomasz Placek
Jagiellonian University, Poland
Academic Year
Branching Space-Times

While a visitor at the Center, Tomasz worked on Nuel Belnap's theory of branching space-times; in particular, he used this theory to analyze some quantum phenomena, like EPR correlations and quantum interference. He also learned the theory of consistent quantum histories from Robert Griffiths at CMU.

He came to Pittsburgh with his wife Katarzyna, also a philosopher, who was affiliated with the Department of Philosophy. Their two daughters, Aleksandra (14) and Alicja (3) were also in Pittsburgh. The older attended Frick International Academy, where she was on the volleyball team, whereas the younger collected rich experiences (and learned English) at a local child care. In their spare time, the four traveled extensively.

Tomasz is the author of Intuitionism and Intersubjectivity, which is a result of his earlier interest in philosophy of mathematics, and especially Dutch intuitionism. He has also written Is Nature Deterministic? A Branching Perspective on EPR Phenomena. Tomasz's visit to Pittsburgh was partly sponsored by the Fulbright Program.

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