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visiting fellows, 2014-15

::: William Bechtel, Senior Visiting Fellow
University of California, San Diego

::: Joshua Alexander, Fall Term
“The Cognitive Science of Disagreement”
Siena College, United States

::: Ingo Brigandt, Fall Term
“Standards, Aims, and Values: An Account of Explanation in Biology”
University of Alberta, Canada

::: Karim Bschir, Fall Term
“Qualitative Uncertainty in Science – The Case of the Threshold of Toxicological Concern Approach in Health Risk Assessment”
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

::: Christian Damböck, Spring Term
"Carnap’s Aufbau as influenced by the Dilthey-school"
Institute Vienna Circle, Austria

:::Zoe Drayson, Spring Term
“Cognition, Representation and Explanation”
University of Stirling, United Kingdom

::: Sara Green, Postdoc Fellow
Aarhus University, Denmark

::: Nicholaos Jones, Fall Term
“Network Diagrams in Systems Biological Practice”
University of Alabama at Huntsville, United States

::: Wayne Myrvold, Spring Term
Probabilities in Statistical Mechanics”
University of Western Ontario, Canada

::: Raphael Scholl, Academic Year
“From a Causal Point of View: Rethinking Confirmation, Discovery, Realism and Theory Change in the Biomedical Sciences”
University of Bern, Switzerland

::: Maria Serban, Postdoc Fellow
University of East Anglia, United Kingdom

::: Hamid Seyedsayamdost, Spring Term
"Reproducibility of Empirical Findings"
University of London, LSE, United Kingdom






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