Erik Hinton

     If a question in principle can never be answered, then, one fells that language has gone wrong; language has parted its moorings, and the question has no meaning.
-W. V. Quine

     I am a philosophy major and filmmaker who spends his days reading abstruse texts, editing, animating, writing for the Pitt News and Pop Matters, and riding my bike. My diverse intersets often lead me to the brink of madness, an incipent insanity which I counteract by time spent in the saddle. I began riding when I took a bike messaging job for the university where I daily battled raging motorists on my way to deliver unweildy packages to hidden medical buildings. Now I just cycle with the team, it is my first year, and now I enjoy riding uphill much more than riding down.

2006 Panther Cycling Club