Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I join the Panther Cycling Club?
A: The Panther Cycling Club is a diverse and involved club encompasing all aspects of cycling sport, recreation, and shenanigans. If you wish to join us, please visit our table at the student activities fair 2pm Sunday, August 24th or attend one of our weekly meetings. You can find our meeting dates here.
Q: Do I need a bike to join?
A: Absolutely not, the Panther Cycling Club is for everyone.                                                 
Q: Where can I keep my bike on campus?
A: Pitt students have a variety of options about bike storage, including outdoor bike boxes, standard outdoor bike racks, and your dorm or apartment. For incoming freshmen the dorm or apartment storage is the preferable method and continues so for the rest of your stay at Pitt. We encourage you keep your bike indoors out of the elements and near to you so that your bicycle is protected.
Q: Do I need to race to join?
A: The Panther Cycling Club is involved in many different aspects of cycling, including but not limited to track cycling, mountain bike riding and racing, road bike riding and racing, BMX riding and competition, commuting, bike maintenance, cycling in triathlons, and even unicycling.
Q: What is riding like in Pittsburgh?
A: Riding in Pittsburgh is excelent. Located on the edge of the appalachian mountains, Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas are home to many beautiful views and great riding. The university is situated next to Schenley Park home to some fantastic trails and Frick Park is not much further away. The only blight on cycling at Pitt is the city itself. Riding within the city limits can be difficult and dangerous, however we as a club have strict rules about group rides in urban areas and we provide valuable teaching on safe and efficent city riding, making the dangerous city as tame as a midwestern corn field.
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