Welcome to the website for the Panther Cycling Club at the University of Pittsburgh. We are, first and foremost, a diverse and dedicated group of students from the University of Pittsburgh who all happen to share a common love of the bicycle. We strive to promote cycling as a healthy lifestyle, and we hope to impart upon our club members the desire for a lifelong relationship with their bikes.

Our club, recently revitalized in 2005 after a long absence from the University, has seen a boom in rider interest at Pitt. The club supports all forms of cycling from pure recreation and touring to fitness and racing. From weekly group rides to training sessions for prospective racers, the club does its best to harness the interest that it has seen at the school to promote more riding and healthier lifestyles.

In the community we promote bicycle awareness for motorists and riders alike. We hope to improve rider/driver relations by promoting safe riding. It is our hope to turn Pittsburgh, which is fast becoming a more rider friendly city, into a safe-haven for bicyclists.

On a more broad scale, the Panther Cycling Club has joined the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) and will be participating in its 2006 racing season. We will travel the eastern United States representing both our school and our sponsors who make such traveling possible. The ECCC is a wonderfully organized and strong conference that sees its biggest activity in road racing. They are especially receptive to start-up teams like the Panther Cycling Club and will help us to become a riding force unrivaled across the universe.

We are always looking for more people to ride with, so if you have anything that even remotely resembles a bike, by all means, come ride with us!

The Panther Cycling Club
2006 Panther Cycling Club