So you say you want to ride? Well prove it! Here is a schedule of this month's rides.

No bike yet? Contact the Pres to find out if we have a loner bike that might fit you for a ride...

Regular Group Rides

We hold regular group rides every single week. Saturdays at 10:00 AM we will be leading a regular 25+ mile road ride. Distance and speed will be determined by the group, and we do not abandon anyone! If you are new to road riding and just want to learn the roads of Pittsburgh, this is the perfect ride for you!

Caffeine Rides

Every Sunday we will be leading whats called our Caffeine Rides. These rides will meet at 10:00 AM on Sundays. We will be exploring various coffee shops around the Pittsburgh area from Squirrel Hill to Shadyside, the Strip District and Station Square. These will be relaxed, leisurely rides to the coffee shops on unbusy streets. Learn about new coffee joints and spend your mornings with the Panther Cycling Club!

Mountain Bike Trips

Just because Pitt is an urban campus doesn't mean you can't ride that mountain or cyclocross bike! We will be taking trips out to local mountain biking spots. Pittsburgh is surrounded by phenomenal riding from Seven Springs to Big Bear to Morraine State Park to Bavington to Boyce Park to Hartwood Acres to etc. etc. etc. There are tons of places within an hour's drive that you can get to via the Panther Cycling Club. Such trips are FREE to dues paying members and we arrange the transportation for you! Riders of all abilities and disciplines are invited to join!

Themed Tour Rides

New to the lineup this year are the Themed Tour Rides. These will be planned and organized by the Panther Cycling Club once a month. These rides will take you throughout Pittsburgh on a bicycle. For example, the Museum Tour ride will take you to 4 or 5 different Pittsburgh area museums. The Meal Ride will feature 5 or 6 different restaurants where you will pick up an appetizer and one, the entree and the next, another entree at the next, dessert at the last, and so on. All of these spots will be reached by bicycle and these trips are FREE to dues paying members.

All regular group rides will leave from the William Pitt Union, Fifth Ave. Side unless otherwise specified.

Listservs make finding rides easy!

To find out about rides that are going on in and around the Pitt campus, join our listserv. A listserv is basically a posting center for people to post their rides. For example, let's say I want to go for a ride on Thursday at 4:00 PM. I would send an email to the listserv saying "Hey there dudes and dudettes, I'm going for a ride on Thursday at 4:00 PM." This message would then be forwarded to everyone else on the list who may respond and say "Hey there, I'll come join you!!" So simple!

Our listservs are separated by type of riding. We currently have a road and a mountain listserv. Once you've signed up for Road or Mountain, you have two options as far as messaging the group.

First, you may simply send an email to or (depending on what kind of ride it is). This email will then be sent to everyone in the group as well as being posted on the Google group page.

Secondly, if you have an account with Google, you may log directly into your Google group page and start a new topic. It will be posted on the Google group page in front of your eyes and will also be emailed to everyone in the group.

A word about etiquette: When responding to a post, please only respond to the sender and not the entire group. This will limit the number of emails that everyone will get.

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