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FORGE is open to all University of Pittsburgh students, and anyone can get involved by joining our mailing list and Facebook group, stopping by one of our weekly meetings, or joining one of our many committees. If you are interested in joining a committee, click on its name to contact the committee chair:

Education Committee
The FORGE Education Committee is in charge of designing and distributing a newsletter to students around campus and giving frequent presentations at FORGE meetings that will inform other members about current events involving refugees. All FORGE members are encouraged to write articles for the newsletter.

Fundraising & Outreach Committee
The Fundraising and Outreach Committee is dedicated to raising money to support various refugee causes in Pittsburgh and around the world. This primarily involves organizing bakesales, jewellery sales, and other creative events to raise money. The committee organizes events such as conferences and documentary screenings involving guest lecturers for the general public on Pitt's campus. The Fundraising and Outreach committee is also responsible for organizing parties and cultural events for the refugee families that FORGE tutors.

Social Committee
This FORGE committee's main focus is to bring the FORGE community together by planning social events including parties and field trips. The Social Committee also makes sure the public is aware of our events by designing and distributing advertisements for all our various FORGE events. This includes designing and distributing creative posters and digital media around campus and on the FORGE Facebook group.

Weekly Meetings:

Join our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 9:00PM in Cathedral of Learning 216!

Upcoming Events:

First FORGE Meeting!
Wednesday, September 4th 9:00PM in Cathedral of Learning 216


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Email us at FORGEatPitt@gmail.com